Brands use many different forms of providing customer support. Whether it is through Facebook, phone, email, or live chat, all of these are meant to end the communication gap between customers and the brands. For instance, Xfinity internet users can reach out to Xfinity customer service through their phone number, Reddit page, or live chat, and the support agent reports back accordingly. The whole point of using multiple communication channels is for your customers’ convenience.

Twitter is one such communication platform too, through which customers and brands can reach out to each other. This social media platform is very easy to use and provides immediate and direct communication between multiple parties. In terms of customer support, it includes monitoring the whole platform for any mentions of the brand and sending them a response, if needed.

Let’s explore why you should be using Twitter as one of your customers’ communication channels;

4 Benefits of Using Twitter for Customer Support

reason Twitter should be used for customer support, then look through the following points to help you decide;


Your customer service team can deal with multiple queries at a time on Twitter. This shows their ability to respond promptly. This is otherwise not possible in a typical communication channel i.e. telephone, which allows you to communicate with one customer at a time.

Hence, utilizing the multitasking feature on Twitter lets your customer service team investigate more than one query at once.

Customers’ Flexibility

With the help of Twitter as a communication channel, your customers can reach out to your brands in a situation that would otherwise make it impossible to contact them through email or phone line. Your deaf customers cannot reach for the phone. Your customers who are stuck in meetings or train rides probably cannot send an email. Instead, they can just send a tweet while tagging your brand, so that your customer service can respond promptly.


Your customers can send you short and snappy answers to questions posted on the brand’s Twitter page. Usually, such questions are too urgent or slow for emails to get a response. An example would be posting a poll to ask customers, such as what was your random act of kindness, or a brand question like do you prefer mayo in your sandwich, etc.

Hence, Twitter is the best option for any feedback related to the brand.

Brand’s Personality

Your brand can use Twitter to convey its own personality i.e. what the brand stands for, what is their aim, what it can do for the customers, etc. Twitter offers the option of using hashtags which helps users around the internet to connect with and find the brand.

Even if the post or query isn’t particularly important, it still matters because your customers had an interaction with your brand that they will remember. Your brand also got to interact with users and gain new followers.

Tips on How to Use Twitter for Customer Service

Now that you know how Twitter is useful for running customer service for your brand, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind while maintaining it;

Use Twitter for Faster Response

That’s what Twitter is known for; sending faster responses. That way customers can commend the responsiveness of your customer service.

Make sure to respond to any Twitter query in under five minutes. No matter how big the issue is, your customers like knowing that you’re there for them.

Personalize Customer’s Experience on Twitter

This is an overlooked part of providing customer support on Twitter.

Personalizing means that you aren’t communicating with your customers behind the mask of your brand logo, rather you are doing it as someone who cares about their experiences.

Make Use of the DM (Direct Messaging)

Using DMs for customer support can be a lifesaver.

Instead of handling the situation by exchanging tons of tweets, use DM to handle the problem. At first, you can send a public tweet explaining the whole situation, clarifying it for anyone who comes across your Twitter profile. Then you can reply to any mentions by sending a direct message so that it doesn’t clutter your Twitter stream. Finally, when the issue has been resolved, switch to sending replies to conclude the problem.

Wrapping Up

Since social media is constantly growing and reaching further into our lives than before, Twitter can be a valuable tool for customer support. The responsiveness of Twitter and its multiple features option of allowing you to explore what you can do for your brand’s success. More and more customers are getting online, which is permanently replacing the traditional method of communication, hence, Twitter is the best option to bridge the gap between your brand and customers online.