Windows allows you to ctrl+click and shift+click to select multiple files, I think something similar would be useful in voice channels. Right now if you want to move everyone to another channel you have to do it one by one.

Herein, Can you move multiple roles in discord?

While this button is toggled « on » you could ctrl click (or alt click.. Or shift click…..) two or more roles to highlight them, and then just drag them all to the preferred placement within the role list.

Similarly, How do I move the overlay in Discord?

If you press the “Toggle overlay lock” key, which as mentioned above defaults to “Shift + `”, a full Discord window will open. Now you can reposition the list of users in your current voice channel by clicking and dragging it by the eight-dot icon in the top-left corner.

also How do you see who is moving people in Discord?

See who kicked users in Discord

Select the server that includes the channel people were kicked from.
Select the dropdown menu by the server and select Server Settings.
Select Audit Log to view all actions that have taken place in chronological order.

Can a Discord Bot join multiple voice channels? You cannot have a discord bot be two different voice chats in the same server. Instead, you can make multiple bots that have the exact code (different bot tokens) and invite them all to the server, then allow them to join different voice chats.

How do you mass delete roles in discord?

How to Delete Roles in Discord

Select the small dropdown arrow next to your server and select “Server Settings.”
Select “Roles” in the left pane and select the role you want to delete.
Scroll down and click the “Delete [role name]” button. Confirm by clicking “Okay.”

How do you arrange roles in discord?

Creating Roles

Click on ‘Server Settings’
Click on ‘Roles’
When you first create your server there is only one pre-made role: @everyone. …
Once you have created a role, you can assign specific server-wide permissions for that role by toggling the dials.
Don’t forget to click Save Changes to save your changes!

Why can’t I see overlay in Discord?

Solution 1: Make Sure You Have Enabled Overlay in Discord

When you are facing Discord Overlay not working, you should check if you have enabled in-game overlay. Step 1: Open Discord and click Settings icon. Step 2: On the left panel, click Overlay. Make sure toggle next to Enable in-game overlay is turned on.

Why is there no overlay option in Discord?

Find an icon of Overlay in the left pane located under the App settings and click on it. Opening the Overlay menu in Discord. Here you will locate an option of current hotkey besides the “Enable-in-game-overlay” option. … Check to see if doing so has fixed the Overlay not showing issue on Discord.

How do I move the Discord overlay to the bottom left?

Launch any game and then press Shift + ` (or whatever key combo you set earlier) to bring up the in-game overlay menu. Click the pin icon to make a window appear even when you lower the in-game overlay menu. You can adjust the opacity of this window by clicking the Opacity icon and adjusting the slider.

Can people see who kicked them Discord?

Fortunately, Discord does not notify other users when they’ve been banned or booted. What’s better is that they won’t know WHO kicked them. This last bit is especially beneficial for servers with multiple admins. … The server will completely disappear from their server list after they’ve been kicked.

How do I know if a Discord server is deleted?

Can you tell if a Discord server was deleted? Only by the fact it isn’t there any more. If a server disappears from your server list and you cannot find it in search, it has likely been deleted. If it disappears from your server list but still appears in search, you may just have been kicked and/or banned.

How do you know if you got kicked from a Discord server?

There is no notification alerting Discord users that they were removed from a server. They can only see the server missing on their server list. Users that were kicked can rejoin if your server is public or if they are given a fresh invite to come back.

Can I be in 2 Discord voice channels at once?

I recently found out that when youre either on your phone/pc and youre using voice call in private call, you can also be in a server call using any of the two.

Can I be in 2 Discord channels at once?

Neither you can have two discord servers opened at the same time on one screen. … We are going to introduce you to an app that’s going to solve the problem of accessing multiple Discord accounts and servers at once.

Is there another groovy bot?

Update 9/13: As suspected by many when Groovy was targeted in August, Google/YouTube have now gone after another popular Discord music bot, Rythm. The service had an offering very similar to that of Groovy and had over 560 million users. Rythm will shut down on September 15 in compliance with Google’s request.

How do you hide roles in discord?

Hiding Discord Bots with Permissions

Select a text channel or category that you want to hide bots in.
Click the gear icon to open the channel settings. …
Switch to the Permissions tab. …
Press the plus icon next to the Roles / Members text.
Select the bot role or the bot you want to hide.

How do I leave discord server fast?

Remove yourself from groups

Step 1: While viewing a channel in Discord, tap the three lines in the top-left corner of the screen to view all of the server’s channels.
Step 2: Tap the three dots to the right of the server name at the top of the screen. …
Step 3: Tap “Leave Server” on the menu that appears.

What’s the best discord bot?

The best Discord bots plus their features

MEE6. MEE6 is a bot that enables you to automate tasks like sending welcome messages. …
Dank Memer. If you want a fun Discord atmosphere, then you might want to consider adding the Dank Memer bot to your list. … …
ProBot. …
Octave. …
IdleRPG. …
Community Hubs. …

What is higher than an admin?

Executive Assistant

Executive assistants provide administrative support to executives, directors, and other higher level personnel. … Though their tasks are similar to that of an administrative assistant, executive assistants support higher-level staff rather than simple admin support.

What is the highest role in discord?

The blurple arrow is your highest role; roles now follow a linear hierarchy. In simpler terms, the « metaphorical totem pole » is now a bit more literal in practice. This is the omega role! Giving this role to a user grants them all of the permissions in the permissions list!

How do I enable overlay in Discord 2021?

If you don’t know how to enable in-game overlay then follow these simple steps. Step 1: Launch Discord and search for Settings icon. Step 2: After clicking on the Settings icon, you will find Overlay on the left panel. Make sure to toggle next to Enable in-game Overlay is turned on.

Does Discord overlay affect FPS?

Does discord overlay affect FPS? Yes, discord overlay affects FPS as the FPS drops heavily so its best to disable Discord overlay.

Why is Discord not showing my game?

First, open the Discord app, and go to the setting option and click on it. After clicking go to the game activity and click on it. After clicking various options will appear, enable the game activity status if it is disabled. Your game will appear if the problem was due to this disabled feature.

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