Discord Downloading Game Slowing Down Internet Speed?

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1. How to Fix Bad Discord Connection Issues – StreamScheme

How to Fix Bad Discord Connection Issues

2. Discord kills internet speeds :: Off Topic – Steam Community


Dec 22, 2018 — My internet connection to my router comes up 2 floors through a pass through adapter so yeah, it’s pretty slow to begin with.

3. Add the ability to throttle your game download speed – Discord …


Downloading games in the store usually destroys my internet connection, leaving me to only be able to download games while I’m not using my computer.

4. Discord and other websites incredibly slow on ethernet.


Sep 23, 2020 — Discord and other websites incredibly slow on ethernet. … and my internet speed is at 240mb/s, even on steam downloads are not that fast, …
Slow Internet On PC Only – Microsoft Community
Jan 28, 2020
discord on PC slow? – Microsoft Community
Jul 22, 2020
More results from answers.microsoft.com

5. [Solved] Discord Lagging Issues | 2021 Tips – Driver Easy

[Solved] Discord Lagging Issues | 2021 Tips

Oct 14, 2021 — It may be critical for the functioning of your computer. Try relaunching your game to see if this has resolved your issue.

6. 10 Quick Fixes To Discord Lagging Or Running Slow Issues


4 days ago — Why Is My Discord Lagging? High CPU Usage; Poor CPU Performance; Bad Internet Connection; Bad Network Connection; Server Location; Bad Drivers …

7. Slow Download Speeds When Using Discord And Games


Mar 15, 2021 · 10 posts
My connection will temporarily return to normal if I close anything that had been using the internet when the drop in speed occurred, but will …

8. Discord Soaks Internet Bandwidth : r/discordapp – Reddit

Discord Soaks Internet Bandwidth from discordapp

On initial launch, Discord uses up to 6.0 MBPS according to task manager, which is pretty much all my bandwidth. I understand my connection is slow…

9. Discord web & desktop destroys internet speed – Reddit

Discord web & desktop destroys internet speed from discordapp

Mar 8, 2017 — Ran a simple experiment: With discord open and connected to a server, run Google’s internet speed test. Less than 1 mb/s download speed.

10. Discord eating up all our bandwidth | Ubiquiti Community


Note that I am on super slow connection (for today’s standards anyway), but still when she’s not playing/using Discord, we’re more than happy with the speed …

11. Internet is fine but packet loss in discord and lag in games?


Dec 21, 2019 — My download speeds are the same as always which is over 100mb/s on google’s speed test and for some reason my upload speeds aren’t even …
2 answers  ·  0 votes: So I’ve never had a problem with my internet before but for the past three nights the second …

12. Don’t Let Discord Connection Issues Ruin Your Gaming

Don’t Let Discord Connection Issues Ruin Your Gaming

Jul 23, 2019 — If your Discord still has issues, it might be because of slow internet. To make sure this doesn’t happen, use a faster internet connection.
Tue, Nov 30
Speedify LIVE Presents: How …