When it comes to chatting with friends and family online, most people nowadays choose Discord. Whether it’s about video games, movies, television programs, cuisine, or anything else. When Discord first became available, it quickly became the preferred method of communication among gamers, introducing a new voice and text chat system. After launching, discord has constantly been bringing exciting updates and in this article you will be learning more about their latest update. 

A brief introduction of Discord

Tens of millions of users aged 13 and above use the free voice, video, and text chat program Discord to communicate and socialize with their friends and groups.

People often use Discord to discuss a variety of topics, from family vacations and creative projects to schoolwork and mental health help. Any size community may call it home, but tiny, energetic groups who communicate often utilize it the most.

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Most servers are personal, invite-only locations where communities and friendship circles may communicate and socialize. There are also bigger, more open communities that are often focused on certain subjects, including well-known video games like Minecraft and Fortnite. People have complete control over who they connect with and how they use Discord since all discussions are opt-in.

People like Discord because it serves as a hub for all of their social networks and communities. They may be themselves there and socialize with others who have similar interests and pastimes. There is no news feed, no continuous scrolling, and no algorithm determining what people should view. On Discord, conversations are sparked by common interests.

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How can you use Discord?

When you launch Discord, you will see the ‘Home’ screen. Your friends list may be seen from here in the main window, and any servers you’ve joined can be seen on the left side of the display. You’ll need a conversation partner! Users may offer you their own Discord tags, which consist of a case-sensitive username and ID number. 

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You may contact them by clicking the ‘Add Friend’ icon at the top of the home screen. You may initiate a text, audio, or video chat with them on this screen if they accept your friend request. Even more people may be added to the conversation, but if you want to do it often, it would be best to do it on a server.

Update specifically for Android Users

Discord users on Android have reasons to cheer. Discord for Android is receiving a substantial upgrade, improving the mobile experience. Today, we’re thrilled to highlight several upcoming changes to the Android app, including:

Android, iOS, and desktop app development consolidated and simplified for feature consistency. A more streamlined method speeds up app update cycles when a new feature or problem is resolved and android app update cycles will be quicker. 

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Discord Exciting Updates 2022

The following is a list of some newly implemented highlights that contribute to making Discord a better experience for everyone:

  • If you prefer to browse with the keyboard rather than a mouse, you may use the  keyboard shortcut which is now available to move content around and drag and drop it into other locations.
  • Text to Speech Pace Slider: If you’re using Text to Speech but find that the default speaking speed is a bit too slow (or fast) for you to comfortably utilize.
  • Reduced Motion: This feature reduces the amount of transitions, highlights, and animations that occur across the app, allowing you to concentrate more clearly on the current discussion.
  • Message Send Button: As one of the most recent features, you now have the ability to activate a button that, instead of needing to click the Enter key, you may push to send your message.
  • Keyboard navigation and support for screen readers have seen significant improvements.
  • Adjusting the Visual Saturation settings will dull the overall color intensity across Discord. You have the option of including user-defined material, such as the colors associated with roles.
  • You may now choose to show a colored dot next to a user’s name rather than coloring the user’s name itself depending on the roles that you have assigned to your server. This dot will take on the color that corresponds to the user’s role. This may be helpful for communities that use vibrant colors to denote their roles, or that utilize role colors that may be more difficult to distinguish when applied to dark or light themes.
  • Image Alt Text on Mobile: When a picture cannot be seen for whatever reason, whether it be environmental or accessibility related, you have the option of adding a brief textual description of the image to offer context for the image. Those individuals who depend on screen readers will benefit from the addition of support for alt text on mobile.
  • Windows High Contrast Mode is a feature that enables the use of custom themes with a high level of contrast across the operating system. Users who have visual impairments have the ability to adjust how Discord renders, including the customization of key colors that are subsequently placed into the UI. This may make your app easier to read.
  • Open-Source Drag and Drop: And last but not least, discord is spreading the love by open-sourcing their React-Native Drag & Drop backend so that other developers may make Drag & Drop experiences available to their own users.

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