Discord Groups To Help You Get Violet Spellwing

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1. #FriendshipSpellwing – Perky Pugs


I WANT A VIOLET SPELLWING, WHAT DO I DO?? Join the Perky Pugs Discord server linked above; Create a Twitch account if you don’t have one; Tune into the Twitch …

2. **FREE VIOLET SPELLWINGS!!** : r/wow – Reddit


Jan 29, 2018 — I am happy to announce that the gang is all back together to help players get the Violet Spellwing for FREE! If you are familiar with how these runs work, …
Are there any groups still doing Violet Spellwing carries as of …
Aug 11, 2018
Are their still Violet Spellwing helpers? : r/wow – Reddit
Jul 30, 2018
Friendship Birb – Free Violet Spellwings! : r/wow – Reddit
Feb 26, 2018
FREE Violet Spellwings for NEW and EXISTING Moon Guard …
Jun 12, 2018
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3. Friendship Birb – Warcraft Secrets


Friendship Birb was the community initiative where players group up to help others take down Argus the Unmaker in order to obtain the Violet Spellwing.

4. Perky Pugs on Twitter: “[EU] #EuroRaid is the official raiding …

Mar 31, 2018 — If you are looking to pug raids, learn more about how to raid, and eventually get your Violet Spellwing and you are on EU servers, …

5. Perky Pugs Twitterissä: “Tonight we got 91 more Violet Spellwing …

Tonight we got 91 more Violet Spellwing mounts for the Horde and 19 shiny new Grove Defilers for the Alliance! Come join us for more Perky Pugs action!

6. Perky Pugs – Facebook


Well, we have some FREE Spellwings to give away! Horde-NA players have a chance to scoop a Violet Spellwing for… … Have questions? discord.gg/perkypugs

7. Blizzard’s Tips to Completing Legion Content Removed in the …


Jun 28, 2018 — We have a number of guides to help you with this content, … to unlock the Ahead of the Curve achievement, get your Violet Spellwing mount, …

8. Perky Pugs is creating a World of Warcraft community | Patreon


*You get added to our Wall of Fame (a channel in our Discord server that … we helped an additional 5,900+ players obtain the Violet Spellwing mount at no …

9. Looking for an Argus Heroic kill – Blue Tracker


Also keep an eye on the Battle.net Desktop App as we sometimes promote streamers on there who are helping players get rewards such as the Violet Spellwing …

10. Buy Violet Spellwing Mount Carry Boost for WoW US


Violet Spellwing Mount. Hello player! On this page, you can buy Violet Spellwing mount carry boost for World of Warcraft US servers.
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11. About us – Ready, Set, Dragon!

About us

RSD is a EU Horde based WOW community focused on helping people getting … we managed to help over 2.000 players receive their Violet Spellwing mounts!

12. [US-Horde] A Reddit Dystopia Friendship Dragon AOTC …


Jul 18, 2020 — To get your mount you just have to join us on Discord … Additionally, make sure you opt into the Friendship Dragon roles in #get-roles to …