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1. How to Kick or Ban Someone on Discord – groovyPost


2. Ban user by ID from server – Discord Support


I just banned some raiders that arrived, messed about in voice chat, and left. If you have a welcome channel, find their welcome message and right click it.

3. How To Ban Someone Not In Server Using Discord? – West …

How To Ban Someone Not In Server Using Discord?

Dec 6, 2020 — The first method requires the player to have been a member of your server in the past. Or, you should have at least chatted with him. In order …

4. How to Ban Someone from a Discord Chat on a PC or Mac


Banning Someone from a Server Using a Bot — Select the server that hosts the channel. Servers are listed along the left side of the screen.

5. In a discord server, is it possible to ban someone after they’ve …


Apr 10, 2020 — If they’ve spoken before, you can right click their name (or tap their profile picture on mobile) then click “Ban.” They will be banned, and you can verify this …
6 answers  ·  4 votes: Yes, just make sure you have their user ID (Turn on Developer mode on settings%3Ego …
If you ban or block someone from a Discord server …
4 answers
Apr 5, 2019
Can you IP ban someone on discord? – Quora
13 answers
May 13, 2019
When you kick someone off a Discord server, does it …
1 answer
Feb 12, 2020
What are some tips to ban someone from a discord …
1 answer
Mar 26, 2019
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6. Possible to ban someone not in the server? : r/discordapp

Possible to ban someone not in the server? from discordapp

Jul 12, 2017 — Someone in my server left (then came back, left again, came back, … discord ID but I cannot find a way to ban him from the discord server.

7. Ban | Discord Wiki | Fandom


Server Bans — A user with permissions to ban another user can ban a user either by going to their account menu and pressing Ban or click or by typing in …

8. How To Ban (or Unban) Someone On Discord – Remote Tools


How to ban someone on Discord web or desktop app (Mac & PC) · Go to the server on Discord · From the right panel, right-click on the member you want to ban …

9. How To IP Ban Someone in Discord – Alphr


Mar 19, 2019 — How To Ban Users From Your Discord Server · You’ll need to sign in with your credentials to access the server. · Once logged in, select the server …

10. How To Boot or Kick Someone off a Channel in Discord – Alphr


Sep 29, 2020 — Banning A User From Channel. If you’re an admin or the server owner and you feel that moving or kicking a user from a channel simply isn’t …

11. How to ban and unban on Discord – Dot Esports

How to ban and unban on Discord

Oct 11, 2021 — If you accidentally banned a user or decide to give them another chance, you can unban them from your Discord server. All you have to do is …

12. How to ban someone from your server on Discord – Swipe Tips


Nov 2, 2021 — Is someone causing a ruckus on your Discord server? … the ones that are causing a disturbance or repeated violations to other members.

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