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If anyone wants to get around this until the locks are gone from game name changing, just rename the game or application’s .exe file to something else, and …

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Learn How to Change the Game Status in Discord

Apr 27, 2021 — Change your Online Status in Discord Manually · At first, run the unverified game in the background, then open the Discord. · Now, click on games …

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Nov 13, 2017 — Because it’s verified. And Discord doesn’t want you to change it to anything else. Since it’s supposed to be correct.
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May 30, 2016 — Verified games can’t be adjusted since they should be 100% correct. … They aren’t 100% correct. Please allow us to change verified game names.

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2019-09-11 · Change Verified Game Name On Discord. Now, you’ve learned a great deal about unverified games and how you can rename them to something else.

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How To Change What You’re Playing On Discord

Change Game Status For Unverified Games — Important: If you change the name of your unverified game into the name of a verified game, …

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Set custom names for verified games. – Discord. 2 hours ago I understand why Discord wanted to restrict us from changing a verified game’s display name, but …

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How to add Discord game status. As mentioned, Discord automatically detects which game you’re running, and if it is a verified game, displays it in your status …

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Sell Your Game I understand why Discord wanted to restrict us from changing a verified game’s display name, but clearly they didn’t factor in for …

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Apr 28, 2018 — Help » Resolved Issues » [resolved] Problem with game name in discord. … I looked up how to change the name of verified games in discord, …

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How to Change the Name of a Verified Game in Discord? Verified games are Discord’s way of auto-detecting and populating the game status for users on the app …