Discord how to turn off overlay

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Why can’t I turn off Discord overlay?

Open User Settings by clicking the cogwheel icon near your username. Scroll the left panel all the down until you see the Game Overlay tab (this feature/tab is only accessible via the desktop application). If the Enable in-game overlay button is green, click it to disable it.

How do I disable overlay?

How to Disable Nvidia Overlay in GeForce Experience?
  1. Right click on the Nvidia system tray icon and select NVIDIA GeForce Experience.
  2. Log into your NVIDIA account.
  3. Click the Settings icon (gear) on top right.
  4. In the GENERAL tab, turn off IN-GAME OVERLAY and exit.

How do I toggle overlay in Discord?

To enable the overlay, open Discord and click the gear icon in the bottom-left corner (next to your username). In the list of settings, scroll down and click Game Overlay. Toggle on the Enable in-game overlay option.

How do I disable Nvidia overlay?

It includes the Nvidia ShadowPlay overlay, which lets you record video, take screenshots, and broadcast your gameplay.
  1. Click on the System Tray to show hidden icons.
  2. Right-click the Nvidia icon.
  3. Click GeForce Experience.
  4. Click on the Settings icon.
  5. Toggle “In-Game Overlay” to off.
  6. Close the GeForce Experience window.

How do I disable blitz overlay?

Right-click the Blitz App and press “Run as administrator”. Please check if your overlays are enabled. Select League of Legends, click Overlays, and toggle on all the overlays you’d like to see in-game.

How do I turn off Windows 10 overlay?

Navigate to Menu → Edit → Preferences. Then scroll down to Display options. Locate this option: Show desktop overlay when using media keys. Simply toggle it off if you want to hide the overlay.

What is activate overlay chat Discord?

The Discord overlay is a graphical layer that can permit you to chat with your Discord friends while playing games. It is supported by the majority of the triple A title games. Turning on the overlay option will also let you see incoming calls, follow chat topics, and receive notifications using a single monitor.

How do I customize my Discord overlay?

Off. You can tweak all of these settings. But there’s also another setting where a message preview of any messages. You’ve received will also be in this corner. As well i’ll show you exactly how you

How do I turn on overlay on Discord mobile?

You can enable the Mobile Voice Overlay by going into Settings -> Voice & Video -> and you should see a “Enable Mobile Voice Overlay” toggle. When you enable the toggle, you’ll be taken to the Android System permissions to allow Discord to “draw on top”.