Discord + Tag A Message For Later Retrieval

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1. Re-opening closed DM’s. – Discord Support


You’re absentmindedly closing DM’s and then… Whoops, misclick. Now that DM with critical information is gone. And, due to how life affects people, that DM …

2. Connect the Conversation with Threads on Discord


Jul 27, 2021 — Today, we’re excited to introduce a new home for all those winding discussions happening in your communities: Threads!

3. Hashtags for Chat messages – Discord Support


I know hashtags are currently used to identify specific text channel names, … to tag specific message in discord so they can be easily “searched” later.

4. Send a scheduled message [Suggestion] – Discord Support


Similar to the new Youtube Premieres function, discord messages (that are sent by users with admin role or something) can be scheduled to…

5. How do you View Old Messages on Discord?

How do you View Old Messages on Discord? – Discord Tips

Jul 8, 2020 — How do you View Old Messages on Discord by going to the beginning of chat avoiding discord scrolling up and finding the oldest messages …

6. How to See Deleted Messages on Discord – Marketedly

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord

Oct 16, 2020 — It helps you to display Server tooltip options such as Owner tag, … If you see a message on Discord and want to save it for later use, …

7. How Discord (somewhat accidentally) invented the future


Its tagline was not subtle: “It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak.” It had text chat, which was cool, but mostly it did voice chat better than anybody else.

8. What Are Discord Threads and How to Use Them – Beebom

What Are Discord Threads and How to Use Them

Aug 2, 2021 — Method 2: Using the + Symbol in the Message Box. If you cannot find the # symbol on hovering over messages in a channel to create a new thread, …

9. Discord – Home Assistant


Retrieve the Client ID from the information section and the (hidden) Token of your bot for later. When setting up the application you can use this icon.

10. Discord Bot can’t find channel by name or id – Stack Overflow


Mar 13, 2020 — I’m trying to make a discord bot with node.js I want to post message only in specific channel I tried to do that to save a channel in a variable …
3 answers  ·  Top answer: Make sure you’ve placed your “find” line within an event listener. For example, let’s say you …

11. Discord Bots with Javacord: How to Make Your First Bot


Aug 13, 2020 — In my last article, Creating a Discord Developer Application, … () to retrieve them) and get their mention tag to use in the message.

12. Use threads to organize discussions | Slack


Tip: When you’ve read a thread reply that you’d like to come back to later, you can mark the message …