Discord Volume Loud In Headset Quiet On Stream

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1. Need discord audio to be quieter in my headphones than it is …

Need discord audio to be quieter in my headphones than it is on stream, while keeping the game at the same volume from obs

Feb 18, 2021 — The problem with that is that when I turn up my friend’s discord volume so that it’s normal on stream, its incredibly loud in my headset.
Discord audio is quiet on stream but normal in my headset
Jan 19, 2020
discord super silent on stream but can be heard in … – Reddit
May 30, 2017
Music on stream too loud for me to quiet for viewers : r/Twitch
Jul 22, 2018
Audio Low in Stream but Loud for Me : r/Twitch – Reddit
Oct 2, 2017
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2. Lowered audio in streams since last update. – Discord Support


However suddenly the audio on their side of the stream was so quiet he could pretty much not hear it without me turning it louder on my end.

3. Why is discord screen share so quiet? – BoardGamesTips


How do I make my discord screen share louder? How do I increase screen share volume in zoom? How do I increase my stream volume on discord mobile?

4. How do I make my screen share louder on discord?


How do I make discord streaming louder? · Right click on the sound icon on the lower right of your screen by your clock. · Click on open sound settings. · Scroll …

5. Question / Help – Desktop Audio low on stream, loud in headset


Sep 26, 2017 — Hi guys, I just downloaded OBS to stream to Twitch. I love the ability to customize, but I am having issues with the desktop volume – more …
8 posts  ·  You can do that if you use Voicemeeter http://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/index.htm …
Discord sound of my Friends is to quiet | OBS Forums
3 posts
Dec 7, 2020
Desktop audio is extremely low and audio monitoring …
3 posts
Jun 2, 2020
Question / Help – OBS Studio Microphone too low
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Nov 2, 2016
Entire stream audio is quiet compared to others even when …
4 posts
May 5, 2020
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6. Discord Stream Has No Sound? 6 Ways to Fix – Online Tech …

Discord Stream Has No Sound? 6 Ways to Fix

Apr 8, 2021 — In the Volume Mixer window, move the slider for the Discord app upwards to ensure the volume level is high enough. If it isn’t listed, make sure …

7. Mic volume much lower when joining a Discord live stream


3 answers
Deactivating Echo cancellation did it for me. I think that should work for most.

8. How To Make the Mic Louder in OBS – Alphr


6 steps
Launch OBS Studio from your computer. Add a preferred Scene and Source to the corresponding boxes at the bottom of the screen.
Next to the “Sources” box, you’ll see the “Mixer” panel on the right-hand side. Slide the toggle marked “Mic/Aux” to the right to increase the volume.
If the volume is already up, click on the tiny gear icon in the bottom-right corner.

9. How to handle your game volume when streaming on Twitch


Games are usually too loud anyway so 50 percent volume is a good starting point. … Getting the right balance of game audio, mic audio, voice chat, music, …
6 answers  ·  5 votes: 1. In game volume controls. 2. 1. You’ll want to make sure the game volume is at a comfortable …

10. The Easiest Ways to Improve Your Sound Quality on Twitch


The most important thing you should pay attention to is the volume of your mic. A lot of streamers make the mistake of putting their volume level a bit too high …

11. Why Is My Discord Stream So Quiet Recipes – TfRecipes


how to make discord stream louder … why is discord so quiet with headphones … WHY DISCORD MIC TOO QUIET OR DISCORD VOLUME TOO LOW[FIX .

12. Discord Stream Volume Quiet Recipes – TfRecipes


Yes Voicemeeter would be a good option especially if you own Virtual Audio Cable. Thus, please add stream sound volume control to people watching streams in …