Discord Why Cant I Change Myt Server Icon

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1. Changing Your Discord Avatar Too Fast? Try This

Changing Your Discord Avatar Too Fast? Try This

2. Server Changes Not Saving – Discord Support


Sep 4, 2020 — I found a way to fix this. Go to Server Settings > Overview under community and then make sure everything has a channel set. I know it is odd, …

3. ISSUE: Server icon won’t change : r/discordapp – Reddit

ISSUE: Server icon won’t change from discordapp

May 3, 2018 — As the title says discord won’t let me change my server icon. I’ve tried with about 10 different images/sizes and it just won’t work.
Can’t Change Server Icon? : r/discordapp – Reddit
Apr 1, 2019
Discord not letting me change server pfp : r/discordapp – Reddit
Apr 29, 2020
I can’t change my server icon! : r/discordapp – Reddit
May 20, 2020
i can’t change my server icon on discord and its starting to bug …
Sep 28, 2020
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4. How can we change a server picture on Discord? – Quora


12 answers
Step 1: Go to Server settings, by right clicking on the server icon. Step 2: Left click on server settings, and it will take you to the overview section.

5. Discord on Twitter: “@amirmah72617095 A user wont be able …

Feb 23, 2019 — A user wont be able to change your icon unless they have permissions in role settings. I would make sure to double check that the manage server/ …

6. How to Make an Animated Discord Server Icon – Kapwing


Feb 24, 2021 — Perform a quick search for servers and you’ll see the creativity owners put into their icons. A funny meme, anime character, or emote are common …

7. How to add a server icon to your Minecraft server


Note: Server icons also support partial image transparency. How to add a custom server icon: 1. Prepare your server icon image. The image …
Aug 9, 2014 · Uploaded by BisectHosting

8. FiveM: Change server icon for server list · ZAP-Hosting Docs


Prepare Image. For your server icon to be displayed correctly, it must be a PNG file that is 96×96 pixels in size, other formats are not supported by FiveM.

9. Discord aware of blurry profile pictures issue when uploaded …

[Update: Workaround] Discord aware of issue with changing/uploading profile pictures on iOS becoming blurry, fix in the works

Jul 28, 2021 — for some reason whenever I upload a server icon or change my profile picture the image always comes out super pixelated, and it’s been happening …

10. How to Make a Discord Server and Customize It – Business …


Dec 22, 2020 — You can make a Discord server by selecting the plus sign in the … join the server, click “Edit Invite Link” (desktop) or tap the gear icon …

11. How to Add a Minecraft Server Icon – Apex Hosting

How to Add a Minecraft Server Icon

Since Minecraft v1.7.2, server owners have the option to add an icon that will show up on the multiplayer list when pinged, making it easier …
May 14, 2021 · Uploaded by Apex Hosting

12. discord.py- changing server icon and name – Stack Overflow


Apr 14, 2021 — potato , where I want it to change the picture of the server to a file and the name of the server to be “potato”. Can someone help? @client.
1 answer  ·  Top answer: You don’t have to pass ctx.guild.icon into Guild.edit await ctx.guild.edit(icon=icon)