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How do I know if Ive been blocked on Discord?

Go to the Home menu on Discord and head to the Friends menu. From here, select Add Friend. Type in the person’s Discord username and tag and click Send Friend Request. If your account is blocked, it won’t go through.

What happens when someone blocks you on Discord?

A blocked user will still be able to read your messages and see when you’re online. When you block someone, that user won’t be sent any alert or notification that you did so. If they try to message you, they’ll receive a generic error message which suggests that they’re only accepting messages from Friends.

Can a blocked person on Discord see my status?

When you block someone on Discord, they won’t be able to see your Online Status. They’ll still be able to see your past messages and message you.

Do you appear offline when you block someone on Discord?

Once you block them, their online status is changed to “offline” till unblocked. In mutual servers or your chat history, they will also appear offline.

Can you soft block on Discord?

Make it an option to “Block” someone where you don’t get notifications from them however you’re still friends on discord Take this as an example; you have a friend in real life where you don’t want to block them outright because you know them in real life and that would be awkward, however you find them incredibly …

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