Discord on Twitter: « The only way to mass delete the channel messages is to delete the channel under Channel Settings > Delete Channel…  »

Keeping this in consideration,  Does deleting a discord message delete it for everyone?

If you delete the message, it deletes for everyone who received it, not just you. … As of now, you can only remove each message individually, and you can only remove your own.

Likewise, What discord bots can clear chat?

Best Discord Bots to Delete Messages

Command Cleanup. This bot has a list of options to select and delete different types of messages like images, attachments, links, messages with mentions, messages of bots, etc. …
Clean Chat. Clean Chat is another Discord bot that comes with a ton of features. …
Auto Delete. …
Mee6. …
Clearer Bot.

then Can discord server owners see deleted messages? Can Discord Server Owners See Deleted Messages? You cannot see deleted messages on servers even if you are the Discord server owner. … With a bot (such as Dyno Bot mentioned below), owners can see that a message has been deleted but the not content of the message.

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Can discord see deleted messages?

Can You See Deleted Messages on Discord? Unfortunately, once a message has been deleted by the sender, there is no official way to retrieve it. This was confirmed in early 2018 by Discord’s engineers on their official Twitter account.

Are discord messages really deleted?

It turns out that messages that you delete are not actually deleted. You might not be able to see them but Discord still keeps them in the database. The Discord team does not even have a clear answer regarding when the message will be removed once the user has deleted the data.

How do I automatically delete Google search history?

Delete your activity automatically

On your Android phone or tablet, open your device’s Settings app Google. …
At the top, tap Data & personalization.
Under « Activity controls, » tap Manage your activity controls.
Below “Web & App Activity,” “YouTube History,” or “Location History,” tap Auto-delete.

Can you be tracked on Discord?

Yes, Discord can track the games you play, whether or not you want it to. … Like a lot of security issues, Discord’s permissions are just something with which users should familiarize themselves, then come to their own conclusions.

Can Discord admins see DMS?

admins can see private chat – Discord.

What happens to deleted Discord messages?

According to Discord, messages that have been deleted are gone forever. They cannot be retrieved both for text chats and direct messages.

Does Discord spy?

Experts say Discord is spyware as it gathers all the information that goes through its proprietary communication platform. While Discord is the centralized communication platform, every communication has to pass through the official servers of the platform in which the information can be recorded.

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Does Discord save chat logs?

Discord keeps all messages including pictures/attachments sent. It’s how the server works in order to allow others to open the app on their phone, computer, browser, etc and access all the same messages. As soon as an action is taken to delete a message then the message is deleted from the service.

Does deleting Discord delete DMS?

When you delete your account, ALL your sent messages in ALL servers should be deleted. – Discord.

Does Discord keep chat logs?

We decided early on to store all chat history forever so users can come back at any time and have their data available on any device. This is a lot of data that is ever increasing in velocity, size, and must remain available.

How do I turn off auto-delete?

To find these options, head to the Activity Controls page and sign in with your Google account if you aren’t already signed in. Click the “Auto-delete” option under Web & App Activity. Select when you want to delete data—after 18 months or 3 months. Click “Next” and confirm to continue.

How do I erase search history?

Clear your history

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app .
At the top right, tap More. History. …
Tap Clear browsing data.
Next to « Time range, » select how much history you want to delete. To clear everything, tap All time.
Check « Browsing history. » …
Tap Clear data.

Is it good to delete Google activity?

Deleting your Google activity permanently, including your mobile devices, will definitely help you improve your online privacy.

Can Discord see what I’m watching?

You know when you’re playing a game and discord detects what you’re playing so under your profile it shows « Playing (whatever game) ». What if while watching Netflix, it shows what show you are watching on what season and episode. Yes, you can put it under custom status, but a cool addition.

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Are Discord conversations private?

Discord as a platform is not intended for encrypted communications. It does use standard encryption, but does not provide end-to-end encryption of its video chats.

Can people find your address Discord?

The short answer to this question is no. It is not possible to obtain someone’s IP address via Discord. This is because this application utilizes TLS (Transport Layer Security) and other techniques to protect users from scammers and hackers. The fact that Discord hosts its own servers adds another layer of protection.

Can you hide messages in Discord?

To add a spoiler tag to a text message, type “/spoiler” at the start of a message. Sending “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” in a Discord server will hide the message until the recipients decide to view it.

Can admins see every channel Discord?

We’ve assigned each member (including admins) a faction role, and the faction channels are only visible to those roles, but the people with an admin role are always able to read at all the channels.

Can Discord recover deleted accounts?

Deleted accounts will stay deleted permanently, and cannot be recovered. Do not play with this feature. This wiki is not responsible for any damages done. If a user no longer wants to have an account on Discord, they can delete it.

Can mods see deleted images on Discord?

If you want to see deleted messages on Discord, you won’t have an easy job to do it because the application itself doesn’t allow you to do so. … Because, yes, even administrators won’t have access to the deleted comments or messages posted by others on Discord by default.

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