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1. How do I delete a channel? – Discord Support


2. Delete all channels when deleting a category – Discord Support


When you delete the category, Discord would give you a list of the channels in the category. You would select which channels would be deleted or click “select …

3. How to Delete a Discord Channel on a PC or Mac – wikiHow


5 steps
Open Discord. Look for a blue and white icon that looks like a smiling crab. If you haven’t yet installed Discord on your PC or Mac, download it now from …
Scroll to the channel you want to delete. Your channels appear under the “Text Channels” heading.
Click the gear icon. It’s to the right of the channel’s name.

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4. How to Delete a Discord Channel on Android: 9 Steps – wikiHow


9 steps
Open the Discord app on your Android. The Discord icon looks like a white game controller in a blue circle on your Apps list. If you’re not automatically …
Tap the three horizontal lines icon. It’s in the upper-left corner of your screen. This button will open your navigation menu on the left-hand side of your …
Tap a server icon. Select a server from the list of all your servers on the left-hand side of your screen. This will show you all the text and voice …

5. How to Delete Voice Channel on Discord, how to – HardReset …


For iOS: … In the first step, open Discord app. … Then, go to your server. … After, hold your finger on a channel and select Edit Channel. … Now scroll down and …

6. How to clear a Discord channel – Swipe Tips


6 steps
Log into Discord and navigate to the server that contains the channel(s) you want to clear.
Navigate to the MEE6 website.
Select Add to Discord and authorize it when the popup menu appears.

7. How To Clear a Discord Chat – Alphr


Sep 8, 2021 — Clear Discord Chat Manually · Navigate to the Channel you want to clear. · Hover over each message while holding down the Shift button. · Click on …

8. How to Clear Discord Chat – Delete all messages in a channel …


Type ‘!clear 100’ to delete the 100 latest messages in the channel. Modify the number as required, with a maximum of 1000 at a time. Remember to …

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9. How to Delete a Discord Server That You Own in 2 Ways


Mar 12, 2020 — How to delete a Discord server through the desktop app · 1. Open Discord on your Mac or PC and go into the server you wish to delete. · 2. Click …

10. How to quickly delete discord channels – Quora


1 answer
The fastest way there is to quickly delete discord channels is to right-click on the channel and press “Delete Channel” which should be in red text.

11. Can’t delete Discord text channel : r/discordapp – Reddit

Can’t delete Discord text channel from discordapp

I’m having trouble deleting one of the text channels I created on our server. I’m the server owner. I have tried many times to delete the channel…

12. How to Delete a Discord Server – Lifewire


Apr 19, 2021 — Deleting a channel for good on the desktop application only takes a few clicks. Be sure to let everyone in the channel know what you’re doing so …

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