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How do you do a spoiler tag in discord?

You can mark attachments as spoilers by adding the attachment to your message and then clicking the Mark as Spoiler “eye” icon (eye-con, if you will) before you send your message. You can mark a link as spoilers by simply adding the two bars in front and back of the link URL.

How do you mark spoiler on discord mobile?

Spoilering an Image on Discord Mobile
  1. Tap on the + button in the text window. …
  2. Select the image you would like to spoiler. …
  3. Tap and hold the selected image. …
  4. Tap on the Mark as spoiler checkbox. …
  5. Verify the spoiler image. …
  6. Send the spoiler image.

How do you do spoiler images on Discord Mobile 2021?

It before you actually send it to the discord checks channel go ahead and long press the image. Once you do that a new menu will open up at the bottom where as you can see you can mark as spoiler.

How do you do spoiler images on Discord Mobile 2022?

How to Add Spoiler Tags to Images – Mobile
  1. Open Discord on your mobile device and head to the channel where you want to send the image. …
  2. Allow the image to upload, then long-press it.
  3. iOS users can tap Mark as spoiler.
  4. Android users will see the Mark as spoiler option listed like this:

How do you do spoiler text on Discord Iphone?

On Android and iOS

Open a chat inside the Discord app. Wrap the text in bars ||Insert spoiler|| and they will appear as a spoiler.

How do you make a spoiler picture on Iphone?

So go ahead and open that up and then find the image that you want to actually post as a spoiler image once you find the image we need to rename it so on an iphone you simply long press the image.

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