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1. How to Make Someone an Admin on Your Discord Server


2. How To Give Admin Access to Another User in Discord – Alphr


Oct 22, 2020 — To the right of each members’ name is a ‘+’. Click on this ‘+’ and choose an available role to assign to that member. Remember that you can …

3. How to Admin someone on discord – Quora


May 13, 2019 — Create a role in your server settings, give it the permissions you want, then click on the person you want to give admin to on the sidebar where everyone is …
8 answers  ·  2 votes: 1. Open Discord on your Mac or PC and navigate to the server you own that you want to make …
How many admins can be there in a single discord …
8 answers
May 18, 2020
Can admins kick other admins in Discord? – Quora
1 answer
Apr 22, 2021
What happens if I give someone admin on discord and …
3 answers
Jan 14, 2021
How do I make someone a moderator on Discord …
6 answers
Feb 29, 2020
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4. Setting Up Permissions FAQ – Discord Support


Nov 4, 2021 — Step 3 – Assign the role · Select the Manage Members tab for the list of server members and pick the user you want to assign the role to. · Or you …
‎[Video] Make an Admin, Mod… · ‎How do I set up a Role… · ‎How is the permission…

5. How to Make Someone Admin on Discord PC & Mobile | 2021


Nov 2, 2021 — On the Discord app’s main menu, access the preferred server. · Then, right-click on the username of the member that you want to give an Admin …

6. How To Make Someone Admin On Discord? | TechBriefly

How to make someone admin on Discord?

Aug 2, 2021 — How to assign a role on Discord? · In the “Server Settings” window, open the “Members” tab. · To the right of each member’s name, there is a “+”.

7. How To Make Someone Admin On Discord – Technobezz


Guide on how to make someone admin on Discord · Open the Discord app on your Windows PC or on your Mac · Next, go to the server you own and then click on its name …

8. How To Make Someone Admin Or Mod On Discord – PC Strike


1 day ago — Once your admin role is ready, it’s time to assign it to someone you trust. Look at your Discord friends list or the server’s member list. On …

9. How to Make Someone Admin on Discord – AmazeInvent

How to Make Someone Admin on Discord

How to make multiple admins on Discord? · First, launch discord and navigate to your server · Click the server’s name and select server settings · From the list of …

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10. How to Make Someone Admin on Discord 2021 | New Scitech

How to Make Someone Admin or Moderator on Discord

Aug 10, 2021 — To make someone admin or moderator on Discord you have to give all the permissions and privileges on your server. A Discord admin can set …

11. How to Make Yourself Admin on Discord Server? – Hypernia

How to Make Yourself Admin on Discord Server? — Manage Your Own Server

Making yourself a Discord admin is a fairly straightforward process. · After creating your own Discord server, you can invite as many people as you want to join.

12. How to Make Someone Admin on Discord – StuffRoots

How to Make Someone Admin on Discord

If you have a Discord server and especially a public server, you must know how to make someone admin. Today we will see how we can make someone an admin.

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