How do you make a role for a bot?


Simply give the role command a name and then select which role you want the bot to assign to the person.
Require role: Requires a person to have a certain role in order for them to give themselves this role.

Keeping this in consideration,  How do I set self roles in discord?

To do that, you need to Open Discord > select the server > click Server name > Server Settings > Roles > Click on + Button beside roles. Now you can give a name to your role and also set the permissions they have on your server and save changes.

Likewise, Is Carl BOT safe?

Carl Bot

Carl Bot is brimming with automod functions that make it one of the best moderation bots out there, and it lets you log name changes among people on your server, so you can make sure no one’s up to mischief.

then What does the Carl bot do? What is Carl Bot. The Carl Bot is an advanced bot that allows you to manage logs, store chats, and create reaction roles, like many Discord server bots available online. It also takes AutoMod to the next level by not letting spam material, attachments, or links through and penalizes the people who post such stuff.

How do you create self roles in discord Carl bot?

Invite Carl Bot to your Discord server. The first step is to invite Carl Bot to your Discord server. …
Create new roles via server settings. Create a “Green” role by tapping on the “+” icon. …
Make the roles and choose the channel. Use the “? …
Add the title, description, and color. …
Add the names and emojis to the roles.

How do you separate roles in discord?

Method 2: Manually creating the role separators

Name the role. First, give the role any name. …
Insert invisible separator and EN space characters. Now you’ll need to first insert an invisible separator character on the left side of the word and then one on the right side of the word. …
Make the role invisible.

What are roles in discord?

What are Discord Roles? In Discord parlance, a role is a defined set of permissions with a name. For example, there is a default role called “@everyone,” which gives a wide range of basic permissions like talking on the server and reading the messages.

Is dyno or Carl bot better?

According to Reddit, this bot is also split between two, YAGPDB and Dyno. YAGPDB has more features and offers a range of moderation options but Dyno is much easier to set up and manage. If you’re new to Discord, Dyno might be a good place to start for basic moderation options.

How do you add reactions to Carl bot?

How to Add Reaction Roles on Discord

Invite Carl Bot to your Discord server.
Create new roles via server settings.
Make the roles and choose the channel.
Add the title, description, and color.
Add the names and emojis to the roles.

What are Carl BOT tags?

Tags are custom commands. They are easy to use and can be very powerful. With some ingenuity, you can create your own. It is for instance entirely possible to create an 8ball command, a hug command and many other things using just tags.

What are the commands for Carl bot?

What are the commands for Carl bot?

ignore [channels…] [commands…] !ignore #general #log #adminsonly “temp home” ping activity
ignore server !ignore server
ignore all [commands…] !ignore all “pc top” ping
unignore [channels…] [command…] !unignore #general #log temp ping

31 mai 2021

How do you lock roles in discord 2020?

Tap Settings. Under User Management, tap Roles. Select which role to edit and disable the option to manage other roles.

How do I set color roles in discord?

To change the color of your name/role, click on your server name (top left corner) and then choose “Server settings.” Then, head over to “Roles.” Now, select your role from the roles list.

How do you organize roles in discord member list?

How to assign roles

Click on the arrow drop-down icon next to the server name at the top of Discord. Source: Windows Central.
Choose « Server Settings ». Source: Windows Central.
Choose « Members » from the menu on the left.
Click on the + next to a member you wish to assign a role.
Choose a role from the pop-up.

What does hoisted mean in discord?

As you know now, Discord provides two methods of displaying roles; hoisted and standard. In a hoisted configuration, the role hierarchy is visibly clear to server members; roles are sorted and displayed based on which role is higher in the role management menu.

What does Gawesome bot do?

MEE6 is the top moderation bot. MEE6 bot commands can automatically scan your server’s chat for foul language, bad links, spam, and spoilers and warn users of rule violations. … MEE6 can also “level up” users on your channel for participation and reward them with custom roles, and search for and play music.

What’s the most popular discord server?

The most popular Discord servers

Server Name
1 Fortnite 827,000
2 Genshin Impact 800,000
2 Minecraft 800,000
2 Valorant 800,000

• 12 août 2021

How do you send messages on Carl bot?

When you use the feed announce command, the role will be set to mentionable very briefly, the role will be pinged and your message will be sent in the channel with which the feed is associated, and the role will subsequently be set back to unmentionable. Lists all the feeds that have been set up in the server.

What are reaction roles in Discord?

On Discord, reaction roles are roles users can assign and unassign to themselves by simply reacting to a message with an emoji. You can create roles that do all sorts of things, such as assign certain permissions, add color to usernames, change fonts, and more.

What is Carl BOT prefix?

Carl-bot’s default prefixes are @Carl-bot#1536 , ! and ?

What is an Autofeed Carl bot?

Carl-bot is a fully customizable and modular discord bot featuring reaction roles, automod, logging, custom commands suggestions, music, high uptime, autoroles, embeds, starboard, autofeeds, repeating messages, reminders, triggers and more! Docs.

How do you make a Carl BOT tag?

A quote tag that is made to work with discord’s new quote system. You just type a prefix, quote someone’s message using the new discord menu option, and Carl-bot will embed it as if they authored it with their name+pfp and role color, a proper embed timestamp, and footer text indicating who is quoting them.

How do you set AFK in Carl bot?

AFK Tag. Creates an autoresponse with the trigger of the mention of the tag user. Follow it with « on » (without quotes) to create the trigger, and « off » to delete the trigger. If you type a message following « on » the message will be set as the away message, but if you leave it blank a default away message will be used.