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How do Discord servers get raided?

What Is Considered Raiding On Discord? Raiding is when a group of people coordinates to join a Discord server with the intention of causing trouble by spamming the server’s voice and text channels.

Is raiding a Discord Server illegal?

Yes, raiding is against our ToS guidelines.

What’s a raid on Discord?

‘Raid’ ‘Raider’ – A raid is where a large number of users will join a community with the express intention of causing issues for the community. A raider is an account engaging in this activity. ‘Alt’ ‘Alt account’ – An alt is a throwaway account owned by a Discord user.

What is a Discord kitten?

On Discord, when a user tries to please someone, whoever gives them the Nitro is known as a “Discord Kitten” or “Sugar baby”. In Discord terminology, the particular users who financially own Discord kittens are called “Kittens Daddies”.

What’s Discord age limit?

Discord’s Terms of Service states that only users who are 13 years or older may use its service in the U.S. That said, there are children under 13 who use Discord.

What happens if you use Discord under 13?

The COPPA rule says a child can be under 13, as long as they have parental permission and supervision, with the guardian having full management of the account. Roblox and google have that, you need to submit a parent’s email and the parents can manage their child’s account. Discord should be the same.

Can Discord ban you for spam?

Spamming: If you spam comments in the discord chat, you may be banned, especially if it’s a large server.

What does NSFW mean on Discord?

Discord’s Definition of NSFW

The standard definition is “Not Safe for Work,” but Discord’s acronym stands for “Not Suitable for Wumpus.” Wumpus is a cute little creature, endemic to Discord’s servers, and it is highly sensitive to adult images and videos.

What is a server RAID?

What is RAID? RAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a way of storing the same data in different places on multiple hard disks or solid-state drives (SSDs) to protect data in the case of a drive failure. There are different RAID levels, however, and not all have the goal of providing redundancy.

What’s the command for MEE6?

MEE6 Bot Music Commands
# MEE6 Command Description
1 !play To start playing a song from the queue
2 !stop To stop / pause the current song
3 !search To search for a song
4 !record To record the current conversation in the voice channel


What is a UWU kitten?

According to Bunni, a user currently inching towards her fifth anniversary as a Discord kitten, uwu girls on the platform are synonymous with “stereotypical, feminine colours, high-pitched voices, cosplays and lo-fi music.” When asked what being a Discord kitten entails, she outlined how the “profession” involves “ …

When was Discord invented?

It was founded in 2015 to make it easier for gamers to talk while playing video games and gained notoriety as a home for the Alt-Right two years later when white supremacists used it to orchestrate that summer’s Charlottesville protests.

How do you become a Discord mod?

Becoming a Certified Discord Moderator
  1. ‍Study the Discord Moderator Academy: The Discord Moderator Academy (DMA) is a resource chock-full of moderation and community building wisdom compiled by mods, for mods. …
  2. ‍Take the Discord Moderator Academy Exam: Have you read the Discord Moderator Academy articles back to front?

Is Discord a dating app?

Though it’s not explicitly a dating app, Discord has increasingly become a platform for people to make romantic connections.

Why is Discord called Discord?

The name Discord was chosen because it “sounds cool and has to do with talking”, was easy to say, spell, remember, and was available for trademark and website. In addition, “Discord in the gaming community” was the problem they wished to solve.

Is Discord OK for 8 year old?

How old should you be to use Discord? Discord requires that users be at least 13 years old, although they do not verify users’ age upon sign-up. Common Sense Media also recommends Discord users be at least 13 due to its open chat.

Why is Discord 17+?

Q: Why did Discord update its age rating from 12+ to 17+?

A: Discord updated its age rating to 17+ at Apple’s request. We work hard to create robust controls and policies to help ensure minors are not exposed to content inappropriate for them.

Can you sue Discord?

Discord said it made the change in order to protect itself from the abusive legal landscape in the US.

Can people hack Discord?

If a cybercriminal gains user permission, they can add malicious code to Discord’s client files. Once users launch the file, they also execute the code. The hacker can then access the user’s Discord data. This attack is particularly difficult to detect.

Can Discord block your IP?

All bans on Discord are IP bans. Discord knows how vicious and determined people can be. If they’re determined enough, they’ll make as many accounts as necessary in order to achieve whatever terrible goal they have in mind. Discord bans people not only by their IP address but by their phone number instead.

Does Discord ban IP address?

Ban The user’s account is removed from the server and their account, their IP address and phone number are banned from joining the server, to prevent ban evasion, any accounts that are using the banned user’s IP address and phone number won’t be able to join the server.

How many warnings does it take to get banned on Discord?

Green ban reasons will receive three warnings within a week to qualify for a mute, and two mutes within a week before a Chat-Moderator takes further action with a day ban.

How do I report a Discord server?

How to report a Discord server on Discord Desktop
  1. Step 1: Open Discord. …
  2. Step 2: Open User Settings. …
  3. Step 3: Enable Developer Mode. …
  4. Step 4: Select Discord Server. …
  5. Step 5: Copy server Discord ID. …
  6. Step 6: Report Server via Discord Trust & Safety Team.

How do I report someone to Discord?

It’s easy to report someone on Discord using the iPhone or Android app. All you have to do is navigate to the message you want to report. Press and hold on it, then choose Report from the bottom of the list. You’ll see this option appear for both DMs and public messages.

Is there a spam bot for Discord?

Discord is introducing a native way for servers to preemptively detect and block harmful messages and spam. The tool, called AutoMod, is available today and will allow anyone who moderates one of Discord’s server-based communities to create a custom list of words that the new bot can scan for and intercept.

What was Technoblades last words?

Last year, Technoblade revealed to fans he had been diagnosed with cancer. The farewell message, written hours before his death and read by his father, began: “Hello everyone, Technoblade here. If you’re watching this. I am dead.”

Is it illegal to ask for ID on Discord?

This does not only violates terms of service. It’s also against the law.

Is it anonymous when you report someone on Discord?

This article will focus on reporting people anonymously on Discord to find out and get rid of the trolls, spammers, or anyone else who is disrupting the user experience. Reporting them anonymously allows you to avoid the social awkwardness that comes along with having to confront someone you are having an issue with.

What happens if you violate Discord TOS?

If you violate Discord’s terms of service, you may be banned from the website. Bans can last anywhere from a few days to a lifetime, depending on the severity of the violation. If you are banned from Discord, you will not be able to access your account or any of your messages or data.

How do you get someone’s Discord account banned?

In once located right click on their name to open in context menu click on the read ban option to open discourse banhammer settings discord. Allows you to delete the user’s.

How do you harass someone on Discord?

All you need to do is use your finger to press down, hold the desired message, and hit Report. You won’t have to give any reasoning or ID codes. Discord’s support team declares that it does view these reports as with all the others.

Does reporting someone on Discord do anything?

When we receive a report from a Discord user, the Trust & Safety team looks through the available evidence and gathers as much information as possible. This investigation is centered around the reported messages, but can expand if the evidence shows that there’s a bigger violation.

How do I get MEE6 to warn?

warn @username – used to warn users. You can also add a reason, in the end, to explain why the user was warned. A series of warnings can decrease users’ ranking if you also use leveling system, also supported by MEE6.

What Discord bot can mute?

Dyno. Dyno is a popular Discord moderation bot used on more than 800,000 servers. It has 35 different moderation bot commands that let it warn, mute, deafen, kick, and ban members. It can also work as a role bot to assign roles to users who cause trouble and limit their activities.

How do you make a Discord spam bot?

The next step to creating your own Discord Bot is to convert your Discord Application into a Bot Account. First on this new page, click the Bot tab on the left hand side menu. Once you are on this new page click the Add Bot button to create a bot. Click Yes, do it!