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How do I share Netflix on Discord screen?

How to screen share Netflix over Discord
  1. Launch the desktop Discord app or access Discord in the web browser, and log in to your account.
  2. Enter a voice channel on a server. …
  3. Open a new tab and visit the Netflix home page to sign into your account. …
  4. Click on the Screen button to begin sharing your screen.

How do I watch Netflix on Discord without black screen?

Disable Hardware Acceleration on your Browser

One of the most common reasons for the Netflix black screen on Discord is the hardware acceleration. If your browser has hardware acceleration enabled, it is best to disable it to fix the black screen issue.

Why can’t Netflix play on Discord?

You can’t stream Netflix on Discord’s mobile apps, including iOS and Android, due to DRM limitations. However, you can easily share your screen on Discord mobile. And if Netflix isn’t quite what you are looking for, you can also host a Spotify listening party on Discord.

How do I get rid of the black screen when streaming on Discord?

If you keep running the black issue when streaming in fullscreen mode, try switch to Windowed Mode. To leave the fullscreen mode, just press the Ctrl, Shift, and F keys on your keyboard at the same time.

Can you Screen Share Netflix?

You can share Netflix TV shows and movies with the sharing tool that comes on most mobile devices, including Android phones and tablets and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. On your device, navigate to the details page of the TV show or movie you want to share. Tap Share.

How do you share Netflix on Discord mobile without black screen?

Select the ‘Settings’ menu at the bottom of the page and choose the Activity Status you want to use. Click on Add it and select the browser with the Netflix website open and click on Add Game. Exit Settings and click on the screen icon in the lower-left corner of your screen. You’ll get a Screen Share pop-up Window.

How do you share movies on Discord?

Connect to the Screen Share
  1. Go to “Discord Settings” > “Activity Status”.
  2. Once you see “No game detected”, press on “add it”.
  3. You will see the applications that are currently in use. …
  4. Press on the “Share Screen” button, pick the website (Netflix or other) you want to play and hit “Go live”.

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