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Does Discord use a lot of storage?

Discord is a fun way to chat with others, whether they’re your close friends or fellow fans of a game or TV show you love. However, did you know that as you use Discord, its cache slowly fills up with media that take up disk space?

How big is the Discord download?

To download Discord, go to the official Discord.com Download page. You will see Download for Windows as the first option. Then, click Download for Windows. Note that the download file is about 67 MB.

Does Discord have unlimited space?

That said, it’s true you do get unlimited file storage on Discord’s free plan, but the maximum file size transfer is limited to 8MB, which, compared to Slack’s 1GB offering, becomes insignificant. The latter gives you a 5GB file storage limit on the free plan, but you can increase it by opting for the premium plans.

Is Discord heavy on RAM?

Discord in the background can use as little as 50MB of RAM, but while being actively used this can spike up to between 300 and 600MB. The amount can go even higher if you’re streaming with Discord or participating in video or audio chat. But overall, Discord doesn’t use that much RAM.

How do I reduce Discord storage?

You’ll need to head to the Settings app on your Android device to clear caches.
  1. Open the Settings app and tap Storage, and then Apps.
  2. Scroll down the list until you find Discord, and tap it.
  3. Tap the Clear cache option.

Can my PC run Discord?

Discord can be used from a Mac, PC, iPhone, or Android device. The Discord client can even be run from a web browser, eliminating the need to download and install software. The desktop Discord application is available on Windows 7 and later and Mac OS 10.10 and later.

How big is a big Discord?

The recommended Discord profile picture size is 128 x 128 pixels with an aspect ratio of 1:1.

Recommended Discord Profile Picture Size.
File Type Resolution File Size Limit
Discord Server Icon Size 512 x 512 pixels 8 MB
Discord Emoji Size 32 x 32 pixels (up to 128 x 128 pixels) 256 KB


Can my laptop run Discord?

You will need at least 500 MB of free disk space to install Discord Bot – Controls. Discord Bot – Controls system requirements state that you will need at least 200 MB of RAM. Discord Bot – Controls will run on PC system with Windows 10 and upwards.

Is Discord safe for a 12 year old?

Because Discord is not an app that’s aimed at kids. Although anyone over 13 – or anyone who claims to be over 13 – can download it for free, first and foremost, Discord is a social networking tool that is geared toward adults. First and foremost, Discord is a social networking tool that is geared toward adults.

Is Discord free in PC?

With the desktop version of the app, you can not only chat with fellow gamers in a new way but also indulge in group messaging, send direct messages, and initiate video calls. Since it’s completely free, it’s a good alternative to popular game chat, social, and communication apps in the market.

What’s the legal age for Discord?

How do you ensure teens under 13 can’t create an account? Discord’s Terms of Service requires people to be over a minimum age to access our app or website. The minimum age to access Discord is 13, unless local legislation mandates an older age.

Why is Discord free?

Discord has more than 87 million users, and is planning to rule over the $1.7 billion worth of voice chat market. The application is entirely free to use and has no plans to charge money in future for its core features. The main focus of the application is to provide hassle-free communication platform to everyone.

Can you be in 2 Discord calls at once?

I recently found out that when youre either on your phone/pc and youre using voice call in private call, you can also be in a server call using any of the two.

Why Discord is the best?

It supports video calls, voice chat, and text, allowing users to get in touch however they please. Discord is especially useful if you’re trying to play PC games. The app makes chatting pretty easy and offers search functions that can help you find other people and add them to a friends list for quick communication.

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