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How do I confirm a rule on Discord?

Navigate to Discord or use the desktop app to sign in. Go to the Discord server you wish to set the rules for. On the server name, click “Next,” then select the “Server Settings” option. From the “Server Overview” screen, on the left sidebar under the “Community” section, click “Enable Community.”

How do you get the Discord MEE6 rules to agree?

Set up MEE6 Reaction Roles to self assign discord roles
  1. Click on Plugins and then Click on Reaction Roles.
  2. Click Yes to enable the plugin.
  3. If this is your first time adding a message skip to step 8, otherwise Click New Message.
  4. Fill out the fields.
  5. Click Save.

How do you set the welcome and rules in Discord?

Community Server Owners and those with Manage Server permission now have access to this option, you can customize it under Server Settings. From here you can click on “Set Up Welcome Screen” to get started, you will then receive a window to “Add a Recommended Channel”.

What does pressing Ctrl R do on Discord?

To refresh the Discord account, press the “Ctrl + R” hotkey.

How do you make people read rules before joining?

Server if you’re not too sure how to do that make sure to check the description. Down below for a video on that.

How do you use the rule bot?

  1. Be sure you have the setup role after you used the command v! …
  2. To start switch in the Channel where you have postet your Discord Server rules and took the message_id from this post.
  3. Now use v! …
  4. After them the Bot will install all automaticly.
  5. Dont forget to remove after setup your setup role.

How do you do rules in Discord?

And create a new channel make it a text channel and name it rules create channel drag the rules channel into the position you want it hover over the channel. And click the gear icon go to permissions

What are the MEE6 commands?

MEE6 Bot Music Commands
# MEE6 Command Description
1 !play To start playing a song from the queue
2 !stop To stop / pause the current song
3 !search To search for a song
4 !record To record the current conversation in the voice channel


What does Ctrl N do in Discord?

The REALLY Useful Stuff:
Navigate Between Servers Control + ALT + Arrow Key UP & Control + ALT + Arrow Key DOWN
Scroll Chat Up or Down Page Up & Page Down
Jump to Oldest Unread Message Shift + Page Up
Create or Join a Server Control + Shift + N
Answer Incoming Call Control + Enter


What is Ctrl K in discord?

Basic Discord Shortcuts

Search for a message in a channel: Ctrl + F. Search for servers, channels, or DMs: Ctrl + K. Delete a message: Backspace. Display pins in a channel: Ctrl + P.

What is Ctrl Shift N?


Opens a file from your computer in Google Chrome. PressCtrl+O, then select file. Opens the link in a new tab in the background.

What does Ctrl Q do?

Remove paragraph formatting. Ctrl+Q. Apply single spacing to the paragraph.

How do you automatically give someone a role when they join your server?

In the Modules Settings section, click on the Autoroles option from the left side menu. In the main window, click on the drop-down and select the role you want to add for auto-assign. Choose the length of time necessary for new members to acquire this role in the Delay (minutes) box.

How do you assign roles upon joining?

And then go to modules on the left hand side and go to auto rolls which would be the one right here. And then under auto roll what you want to do it says auto rolls will be given or removed to members

How old do you have to be to use Discord?

Discord’s Terms of Service states that only users who are 13 years or older may use its service in the U.S. That said, there are children under 13 who use Discord.

What Discord bot does Rules?

Mee6 Bot: One of The Best Discord Bots for Moderators

MEE6 is the best moderation bot for Discord. It can help you set server rules and policies such as use of language, spam, and external link filtering. You can also use it for automated interactions with the different users on your server plus much more.

Is there a rules bot for Discord?

RulesBot is a bot developed by imposdev.eu and is the better version of BetterBot! We recoded all features and made setup mutch easier for everyone! If you have a question you can join our support discord server!

What is the highest MEE6 level ever?

Yep, and higher! What’s the highest? No idea! What I do know is; The highest reachable level is 1,768,802 which would take 935 billion years if you sent a message every minute.

Why is MEE6 called MEE6?

MEE6 (yes, it is a reference to Mr. Meeseeks from Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty) is probably the most popular Discord bot.

What does Ctrl Shift D do in Discord?

Keyboard Shortcuts for Discord Voice

Enable deafen: Ctrl + Shift + D. Create a new call: Ctrl + ‘. Answer an incoming call: Ctrl + Enter. Decline an incoming call: Esc.

What does Ctrl H do in Discord?

29 Shortcuts for Discord
Ctrl+` Open overlay
Ctrl+Shift+H Get help
Ctrl+0…9 Switch between servers
Ctrl+R Refresh discord
Ctrl+Shift+I Open developer console


How do you write cool in Discord?

Text as you can see here pro tip combine underlining italicizing and bolding into one message to get some cool text formats.

How do you give commands to Mee6?

Mee6 Custom Commands Plugin
  1. 1) Write the name you wish the command to have. …
  2. 2) Write the return text you wish for the bot to say. …
  3. 3) Now you press the Add button to save your command and add it to your Discord Server. …
  4. If you wish to modify an existing command. …
  5. If you wish to remove an existing command.

How do you get Mee6 to give roles when you join?

Mee6 Auto-Role
  1. From the Mee6 website, click on Welcome on the left-hand side. Then, toggle the switch for Give a role to new users.
  2. Click the + under Roles to give.
  3. Finalize your decision by clicking on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

How do I get Mee6 to say welcome in a certain channel?

How to Make a Welcome Channel Discord
  1. Go to the MEE6 website.
  2. On the left-hand side, click ‘Add to Discord’
  3. Scroll down and click on the ‘Authorize’
  4. Follow all the authorization steps.
  5. As you land on the dashboard, find ‘Welcome’
  6. Enable ‘Send a message when a user joins the server’

Who made MEE6?

Anis Belkacem is the Co-Founder & CEO at MEE6 .

How do I give myself XP in Discord?

Rather. So i call the command give xp and then i tag the person i want to give it to and then the amount i want to give. So if i do this i should be giving myself 10xp.

How do you level up fast in Discord?

To level up in Discord using the MEE6 bot, follow the mentioned below steps.
  1. Step 1: Visit MEE6 Website. …
  2. Step 2: Grant Permissions. …
  3. Step 3: Add MEE6 to Server. …
  4. Step 4: Authorize MEE6. …
  5. Step 5: Mark Captcha. …
  6. Step 6: Open Discord. …
  7. Step 7: Open Server Members List. …
  8. Step 8: Level Up.

How do you automatically give someone a role when they join?

And then under auto roll what you want to do it says auto rolls will be given or removed to members when joining the server. Immediately. Or after a period of time.

How do I give myself roles on discord without admin?

To do that, you need to open Discord, select the server and click on the server name in the top right corner. Then in the drop-down menu, click on the Server Settings option. 2. In the server settings, select Roles in the sidebar and click on the + button to add a new role.

How do I get a discord bot to give a role?

With the help of surfer bots. Here’s how you can do it. For easy auto assigning you can use the me 6 bot just click on the appropriate link in the description below to head over to their site then

What is the best welcome message?

We look forward to supporting you along the way.” “Congratulations on the new position, and many good wishes for your first day at [company name]. We want you to know that we believe in you and we’re behind you in everything you do here.” “A warm welcome from the whole team here at [company].

Can MEE6 purge channels?

The MEE6 bot is one of the most powerful options at your disposal if you want to purge your server channels. As mentioned, it can do up to 1,000 messages per action, though you can specify any other number. This bot allows you to delete indiscriminately or only messages from particular users.