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Why can’t I add bots to my Discord server?

Checking Permissions

Not everyone can add a bot to a Discord server! Only people who have Administrative or “Manage Server” permissions on the server can invite a bot. If you don’t have either of these roles, you won’t be able to add bots. If you created the server, you should be the administrator by default.

How do I add a bot to someone else’s Discord server?

How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server
  1. Check Your Permissions. You can only invite bots into servers where you have permission to do so. …
  2. Invite the Bot. Next, you need to invite the bot to your server. …
  3. Authorize the Bot’s Permissions. …
  4. Adjust the Bot’s Role on Discord. …
  5. Configure and Use the Discord Bot.

Are Discord bots free?

Once you add Discord bots, you can use the bot commands right from your server. All of these best bots for Discord are free to use, but some include paid upgradeable features.

How do I add a Tupperbox to a Discord server?

To make a tupper via the dashboard, visit this link and log in with Discord. Then, once you can see your list of tuppers, click the plus in the top right and choose “Add Tupper”. Set a name and brackets for your tupper and then click “Save Changes”.

How do I give someone permission to add bots?

Inviting Your Bot
  1. Make sure you’re logged on to the Discord website.
  2. Navigate to the application page.
  3. Click on your bot’s page.
  4. Go to the “OAuth2” tab.
  5. Tick the “bot” checkbox under “scopes”.
  6. Tick the permissions required for your bot to function under “Bot Permissions”.

How do you make MEE6 welcome?

Make sure MEE6 has permissions to read messages and send messages in the channel settings for the welcome channel. To send a private join message to new users, enable and configure the option “Send a private message to new users”.

How do I use MEE6?

Quick Start Guide: How to play music on your discord server with the MEE6 bot
  1. Click on Plugins and then Click on Music.
  2. This function should be enabled by default. …
  3. In your discord server, join a voice channel.
  4. Type ! …
  5. Type ! …
  6. MEE6 will return a list of results, type the number of the song to add it to the playlist.
  7. Type !

How do you use Tupperbox?

Tupperbox is a Discord bot which allows users to post as different characters ( tuppers ). This enhances roleplay by providing a basic framework for participating as one or more characters with the character’s name and portrait where the user’s would normally appear. appears in the member list.

What is plural kit?

PluralKit is a bot designed for plural communities on Discord. It allows you to register systems, maintain system information, set up message proxying, log switches, and more.

Why is my Tupperbox not working?

If it does show up but doesn’t work when sending tupper messages, it’s likely that your image is too big or has an invalid format. Try cropping/resizing the image and re-uploading it. Remember that Discord avatars are really quite small – the image does not need to be 2500×2500 to show up nicely in that tiny circle.