How to add a new role in discord

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How do I add another role in Discord?

How to make role categories in Discord
  1. Import server template. …
  2. Open the Server Settings. Then, select the newly created Server and go to Server Settings ⇾ Roles.
  3. Copy Role Name. In the role settings, you will see a role called RoleCategory at the top.

Can you have 2 roles in Discord?

Any role assigned to @everyone will be universal, regardless of assignment in higher roles. Keep in mind that when you add a new role (if you’re not the server owner), that the roles are added at the very bottom, right above the @everyone role, so that you can sort it as necessary, but not above your role.

How do you manage Roles in Discord?

Step 3 – Assign the role
  1. Select the Manage Members tab for the list of server members and pick the user you want to assign the role to.
  2. Or you can press on a user’s avatar in the server then select the plus sign under the role section to select a role from the pop-up window.

What is OG role in Discord?

OG User Roles has several settings to allow you to define and assign a default role to users who either sign up to your site or subscribe to your group: Default Non-Group Role for new users. Use this setting to define a role to be assigned to ALL new users who sign up to your site.

How do I add roles in Discord mobile?

Open up your discord server in the app. And then tap on your server name from the top of the screen select settings in your survey settings scroll down to the bottom and tap on rolls. Select add roll

How do you unlock Discord roles?

You can’t unlock. It you can’t manually lock other roles. It’s just discord.