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Is BetterDiscord allowed on Discord?

BetterDiscord is a great extension that many people use, but it violates the Discord ToS and even used to cause security issues.

Is BetterDiscord allowed on Discord 2021?

BetterDiscord and other client modifications are not allowed, and are a violation of our Terms of Service.

How do I customize Discord with better Discord?

Scroll down until you see the BetterDiscord section.

To change your Discord background to either a light or dark setting:
  1. Go to the Discord app’s user settings (it’s the gear-shaped icon in the bottom-left corner on your desktop. …
  2. Scroll down to App Settings and select Appearance.
  3. Choose between Light or Dark.

How do you get BetterDiscord in 2021?

Application now you need to navigate to the website the link i will be leaving in the description. Box once you come on this website you will be getting a download tab quickly click on it.

Is BetterDiscord a Bitcoin miner?

WITH PROOF. As in the images, you can see that BetterDiscord is a bitcoin miner.

Is better Discord a virus?

Better Discord application is not a virus, however, if you downloaded a Better Discord addon like plugin or theme from a 3rd party website, you could potentially get a virus.

Can BetterDiscord ban you?

Yes, you can get banned for using BetterDiscord because it’s against the terms of services of Discord. Discord doesn’t compromise anything regarding the security-related issues caused by BetterDiscord and will ban you at moment Discord find it.

Is BetterDiscord on mobile?

5. Does this work on mobile? No. Mobile builds of discord are built on entirely different frameworks, and are not compatible with BetterDiscord.

Is BeautifulDiscord against ToS?

3rd party plugins and add-ons for Discord are against the ToS, and by using one you run the risk of getting banned. This includes plugins like BeautifulDiscord that inject custom themes. Hope this helps!

How do you make pink Discord?

From the Discord client, click the settings icon (⚙️), to access the User Settings. Then, from the left pane, under App Settings, select Appearance. After that, you’ll have the option to change the Theme (Dark, Light) and the Message Display (Cozy, Compact).

Where is BetterDiscord installed?

Go to the BetterDiscord plugin directory, and download the one you like. 2. Move the downloaded file to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\plugins. You can also find the folder by going to Discord >User Settings>Plugins>Open Plugins Folder.

How do I add a virtual background in Discord?

With Discord open on your desktop, click the gear icon next to your username then scroll down to Voice & Video under App Settings. Under Video Background, click Custom and upload the background from your file browser. You can save up to ten backgrounds on an account.

Why can’t I install better Discord?

Refresh/ Restart Discord to fix issues with BetterDiscord not working. This might seem like a basic thing to do, but when you restart Discord, you start a new session with it. This also forces BetterDiscord to restart and apply the themes and plugins in the right way.

Why did my better Discord disappear?

It is highly likely that you may have missing or corrupted files in Better Discord which is causing this issue to occur. Due to the missing files, Better Discord cannot access the settings resources in the program. This is why we suggest performing a fresh reinstall.

Which is better Discord app or web?

If you use Discord a lot, the desktop app is a worthwhile download, but the web app is great because it lowers the bar for entry; for example, when you’re playing a game with your friends and want to invite an outside player into voice chat.