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How do I add Discord audio to OBS stream?

How to Record Discord Audio With OBS?
  1. Install OBS on your computer and sign up.
  2. In OBS, click the plus icon (+) located in the Sources section at the bottom of your screen.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Audio Output Capture.
  4. Name your audio source and click Ok, make sure the Make source visible option is enabled.

Why can’t OBS hear Discord?

Add the device to your OBS Scene.

To allow OBS to access your Discord audio, you need to make sure the device is added to your OBS as a source. Go to the sources pane, then click the “+” icon and add a new, “Audio Output Capture.”

How do I get Discord voice chat on stream?

Open up discord and go to Settings –> Voice & Video. Set your desired Input device. This is most likely going to be your streaming microphone. Set your desired output device.

How do you record Discord audio and gameplay?

In Discord voice settings, select your microphone and “Speaker (Speaker B),” different from Bandicam. under the [Communications] tab in Windows settings. After setting the sound as above, select among Audio Recording, Screen Recording, and Game Recording modes to record.

How do you screen record Discord calls with audio?

Yes, you can record Discord calls and it is kinda simple! Just open the chat window for the call you want to record and click on the “More” menu. Select “Start Recording” and your call will be recorded.

How do Youtubers record Discord calls?

There are basically two ways to record the audio from discord. One way is to use a bot called Craig and the other way is to use screen recording tools like OBS and Vmaker.

How do I record Discord calls?

The steps are the same for iOS, Android, and PC.
  1. Visit the Craig Bot website.
  2. There click on the ‘Invite Craig to Your Discord Server’ option.
  3. Select the desired Discord server that you want to record.
  4. Once selected, click on the ‘Authorized’ button.
  5. Complete the Recaptcha process.
  6. Open the Discord voice channel.

Why can’t my stream hear Discord?

That’s because Discord only records and streams your audio when it detects voice activity to avoid unnecessary noise in voice channels. However, this detection system sometimes comes into conflict with streaming audio. If that is the case, you should switch to push-to-talk mode instead.

How do I hear Discord on Twitch?

Go to “Server Settings” in Discord. Select the “Twitch Integration” option. Set up a server for your Twitch account and sync it. Adjust the new permissions role for Twitch subs in “Roles” under “Server Settings”.

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