How to archive a discord server

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Can you archive a server?

Archiving a server suspends the operating system and migrates the instance to a less costly storage tier. However, it should be noted that bringing a server out of an archive state can take a few hours, so archive should not be used as a means for controlling costs if the server needs to change state quickly.

Can you archive a deleted discord server?

Unfortunately if a server has been deleted there is no way to recover it 🙁 Your best option would be to create a new server and distribute invites out to former server members.

What does archiving a server do?

The Archive Server converts document images which are captured by various systems. The captured data is formatted into data which can be archived for future retrieval. The Archive Server provides a flexible and cost-effective solution to banks with multiple image platforms.

Does discord have archive?

Discord will automatically archive threads within 24 hours to try to reduce the clutter for channels. You’ll still be able to read threads in an archive tab, but you won’t be able to reply to them once they’re archived.

How do I hide a Discord server?

Tap the server’s name at the top of your screen. Alternatively, you can tap the three-dot icon to access more options. Once the options appear on your screen, drag it up and toggle “Hide muted channels.”

What is Discord archive?

Instead of deleting channels, give an option to ‘Archive’ channels. This would remove them from the main list of channels, but allow them to stay in an archive section, accessible via a permission.

What happens when you delete a Discord server?

When you delete a server, Discord removes all your data shared on the server. This server then no longer appears in your Discord menus. You must be fully sure before deleting your server, as once it’s deleted, you can’t get it back.

Can a Discord server be hacked?

Discord can indeed be hacked. A user should immediately inform Discord of suspicious activity on the platform or if they suspect their account has been hacked. If you suspect your account has been hacked you should change your password and then inform your friends about the hacking.

How do I delete a Discord server 2021?

Removing a server from an Android / Tablet / iOS is equally simple and quick.
  1. Open the Discord app and login with your email address and password.
  2. Tap the sign ☰ on the top-left corner of the screen to reveal the side menu. …
  3. Select the server you want to delete.

What happens when you archive a Discord server?

If you no longer need one of your threads on Discord, you can opt to archive them to clear the sidebar for everyone that checks the channel.

How do you archive a group chat on Discord?

Right now, you can press the X next to a group to leave and delete it. Adding an option to archive a group chat without leaving it would make life so much easier!

Can you export a Discord chat?

DiscordChatExporter can be used to export message history from a Discord channel to a file. It works with direct messages, group messages, and server channels, and supports Discord’s dialect of markdown as well as all other rich media features.

Do Discord threads expire?

After a certain period of inactivity (24 hours by default), Discord automatically archives the thread, clearing away the clutter for everyone visiting the channel. The active threads stay alive as people contribute to them. All this happens while the channel’s normal flow of conversation continues.

How many bots should a Discord server have?

Although the right number of bots will vary depending on the server, it is a good idea never to have more than 20 bots in a server at one time. Having more bots than this could begin to confuse users and could make the server appear spammy.