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How do you block someone on Discord?

If you’re using the mobile app for iPhone and Android devices, tap the profile picture of the person you want to block, then the three dots in the top-right corner of the menu that opens. Tap “Block” when it appears.

How do I block Discord on iPhone?

How to Block Someone on Discord on iOS
  1. Open the Discord app.
  2. Go to your messages with the person you want to block.
  3. You can also search for their username from the search bar.
  4. Tap on their profile picture. Then click on the three-dots on the right side of the screen.
  5. Click on Block.

Where is Discord blocked list mobile?

Simply select the first option for account. And then in here scroll. Down until you see blocked users which should be right under two-factor authentication. So select blocked users.

Is there a way to block someone on Discord without them knowing?

The user also won’t get notified once you’ve blocked them. So, you don’t need to worry about the person knowing for sure that you’ve blocked them. They might suspect it, but Discord won’t notify them.

Can someone DM you if you block them?

Message threads will remain in your Direct inbox and in the inbox of the person you blocked, but they won’t be able to send new messages to you. And if the blocked account tries to send you a message after you’ve blocked them, you won’t receive it.

How do I block Discord on my child’s phone?

How to Block Discord on an Android Device?
  1. Open the Play Store app.
  2. Tap the three-line icon in the upper-left corner of your screen.
  3. Tap ”Settings”, then select ”Parental controls. …
  4. Shift the toggle button next to “Parental controls are off” to turn them on.
  5. Set up a passcode, then confirm.

When you block someone on Discord does it block their IP?

The Different Types Of Bans On Discord

Banning someone will remove them from the server and ban their account. It will also ban their IP address and phone number from the server. A banned user cannot return to a server. The first type of ban is a warning.

How do I make Discord safe for my child?

Discord has the ability to set an explicit content filter that will automatically detect and delete images and uploads containing explicit and inappropriate content.
  1. From User Settings, tap Privacy & Safety.
  2. Check the Keep Me Safe box. This will filter out explicit content so that it’s never seen.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Discord?

The easiest way to check if someone blocked you is to send them a private message. Usually, if you can send them a message, they haven’t blocked you yet, and you can breathe a sigh of relief. However, you’ll know right away that you’re blocked when you access your chat logs with said person.

Can you unblock yourself from someone’s phone?

Question: Q: unblock yourself from others iphone

If someone has used the blocking function on their phone to block your number, there is nothing you can do about that. You’ll just have to block your number from being sent to Caller ID. Or, use another phone. You need to give more details on the issue.

How do I get unblocked on Discord?

How to get unbanned from a Discord server with VPN
  1. Delete the Discord folder on your computer and uninstall Discord from your device.
  2. Open up your VPN app and connect to a VPN server to use a new IP address. …
  3. Reinstall Discord.
  4. Create a new account using another email address.
  5. Login, to Discord with your new account.