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Unfortunately, there is no built-in Discord feature to filter out bad words for you. Thankfully, like many other issues on Discord, they can be addressed with the help of a bot. Modern bots can provide dozens of features and include automated word filters.

How do I block words with mee6?

Words select the box under the bad words list type in a list of words you want to ban be sure to put a comma between each word press enter to confirm your banned. Words click ok to confirm.

How do you censor chat in Discord?

To censor text on Discord, open the Discord Channel where you want to send a spoiler text. Then, type out the message in its text area and add two vertical bars “||” before and after it.

How do you ban a word on a Discord dyno?

And then you need to come to a search engine. Now all you need to do is go and search for the dino dot gg. So just go and search dino dot gg just like. So now this board is gonna have to go and ban.

How do you censor text in Discord mobile?

You can mark text as spoilers on mobile using the same Markdown syntax as on desktop. Wrap your text in bars ||just like this|| and it’ll show up as spoilers when you post it!

How do you censor words?

You can either use the first word of the swear word followed by several dashes, such as d—, or you can insert a placeholder in parenthesis. (Expletive), (vulgarity) or (obscenity) would all be appropriate. Personally, I think the second option of using a placeholder in parentheses is a better one.

What are MEE6 commands?

MEE6 Bot Music Commands
# MEE6 Command Description
1 !play To start playing a song from the queue
2 !stop To stop / pause the current song
3 !search To search for a song
4 !record To record the current conversation in the voice channel


What does MEE6 bot do?

MEE6 gives you full control to create the command of your dreams! Create commands that automatically give and remove roles and send messages in the current channels or in user’s DM.

How does censor BOT work Discord?

How it works. Censor Bot works unlike traditional anti-swear bots, who add words in overtime. Instead we create base words/combinations that can be taken as a curse, and remove words that are matched within those. This makes it more likely catch bad words, and allows for getting rid of words it shouldn’t be censoring!

How do I use AutoMod discord?

Go to Server Settings > AutoMod to see the different keyword filter options for AutoMod. 2. Under Commonly Flagged Words, click “Set Up” to select from any of the three ready-made word lists of commonly flagged words.

What can Dyno bot do?

  • Dashboard. A feature-rich, configurable web dashboard. You can easily enable, disable, and configure everything.
  • Moderation. Moderation with mod logs, timed mutes and bans. …
  • Much More. Autoroles, Custom Commands, Announcements, Joinable Ranks, AFK Status, Reminders, and much more.

How do I install arcane BOT discord?

Start by heading to the arcanebot. Website we will include a link in the description. Click the add to discord.

How do you use anti swear bot Discord?

Anti-Swear Bot
  1. Click the Invite button located just below the bot description on the website.
  2. You’ll be taken to a new page where you’re asked to log in to Discord. …
  3. After logging in, choose a server for the Discord bot.
  4. Once a server is selected, click Authorize.

How do I get MEE6 to warn?

warn @username – used to warn users. You can also add a reason, in the end, to explain why the user was warned. A series of warnings can decrease users’ ranking if you also use leveling system, also supported by MEE6.

What is AutoMod Discord?

AutoMod prevents unwanted messages from being posted in your community across all of your #text-channels, along with other messaging surfaces like Threads and Text Chat in Voice channels.

How do I delete messages on MEE6 Auto?

Auto Delete

To start the auto-deletion process, just open the channel in your Discord server that you want to delete messages in and type @AutoDelete start 24h.

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