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How do I change the font on Discord status?

Open your Discord application. Head to the User settings next to the gear icon on the far left-hand side. Scroll down and click on the Appearance Tab option. Under accessibility, you can change the chat font scaling by sliding on the toggle.

How do I bold my words on Discord?

Discord text formatting is hidden, but not complicated
  1. For italics, put text between a pair of single asterisks, as in *italics* .
  2. For bold, put text between two pairs asterisks, as in **bold** .
  3. For bold italics, put text between two sets of three asterisks, as in ***bold italics*** .

Can you bold Discord status?

Launch Discord on your computer. Click on the friend or the channel where you want to send a bold message. Write double asterisks before and after the message and tap “Enter.” The text you send will now be bold.

How do you color text in Discord?

Although the native Discord user interface provides no support for colorizing your text, the underlying Javascript engine, running the highlight. js script, does. By inserting what amounts to snippets of code into your text chat, you can change the color of the words printed out in everyone’s text chat window.

How do you make text blue in Discord?

Blue Discord Text

You will need to use a period before your text to turn one word dark blue. If you want to say a phrase, you will need to use dashes or underscores to maintain the one word feeling. Once you send the message, your dark blue text will appear in a box.

How do you bold and underline in Discord?

To create bold italicized text, use three asterisks (*) before and after your text. Example: ***bold italicized text***. To underline and italicize text, use two underscores with one asterisk in the beginning and one asterisk and two underscores at the end of your message.

How do I change the font on Discord with better Discord?

You just want to drag that into the plugins folder that popped. Up when you do that all you need to do is go back into discord. And click on enable. And there you go google fonts are now enabled.

How do I make a font in Discord?

You can fuse all the formatting attributes to create the ultimate font in Discord. So, use two underscores and three asterisks in front and three asterisks, and two underscores at the end.

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