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Simply create a title. And a description for your server generate the template. And then you can preview the template here it’ll show you.

How do I destroy a bot Discord server?

A bot that will allow you to destroy discord servers.

  1. myakish – to get admin perms.
  2. arturdebil – to ban everyone on the server.
  3. leaveserver – to make the bot leave the server.
  4. servernotgood – mentions everyone.

How do I nuke a Discord server without permissions?

i don’t recommend doing it, since it’s against Discord TOS, but it’s quite easy, just fork a replit nuke script.
  1. Spam ping everyone or some kind of pingable role.
  2. Spam images with gore/flashing lights/NSFW.
  3. Spam annoying long lines of text.
  4. Send DM advertisements to server members.

How do I ban someone on Discord without admin?

We still have added him or her and you want to right click on that person. And then click on pan. And you can choose for how long um and yeah let’s say 24 hours and then just click ban.

Is there a way to copy an entire discord chat?

If you want to export Discord chat messages, you won’t find any built-in feature to do so. If you want to download your messages, you’ll need to select, copy, and paste the messages manually, or use a tool like DiscordChatExporter to do it for you.

How do I use xenon discord bot?

So first of all how do we get started all you need to do is simply invite the bot to your discord server head across to xenon dot bot slash invite. And invite the bot using your discord.

What is nuking a Discord server?

Discord Nuking is a massive raid on a specific Discord Server.

Can a Discord bot hack you?

While bots cannot hack you directly, there are other more malicious ways they can invade and compromise your privacy by disclosing personal data. For instance, some bots may harvest user information and share it on the internet. This can lead to data breaches that would put your sensitive info at risk.

How do I ban all members on Discord?

In order to ban all members (in Discord. js V13, assuming this is what you’re using) you first need to fetch all guild members. let members = await msg.

How do I know if my Discord server is banned?

Signs of a server ban in Discord

The signs that you have been banned from a server in Discord are that you won’t be able to join that server or any invites you have from that server will no longer work. If you know other server users, have them send you an invite to that server. If the invite works, you’re not banned.

How do I kick a Discord server owner?

To kick or ban a user, hover over a user in the list, then press the three-dots menu icon to the right of their username. From the drop-down menu, press the Kick option to kick the user. This will remove them from your server, preventing them from seeing or replying to messages.

Can Discord admins see IP?

Discord cannot track your IP. Also, Discord server admins can’t see your IP address. Only people who work at Discord can see your IP but, they will never share that information with anyone, and your IP address is safe in their hands.

How do I warn MEE6?

warn @username – used to warn users. You can also add a reason, in the end, to explain why the user was warned. A series of warnings can decrease users’ ranking if you also use leveling system, also supported by MEE6.

Can you copy and paste someone’s Discord server?

And you can only copy servers that you are the owner of or you have the manage server role for that server.

Can you make a backup of a Discord server?

So you go into the server options as the Discord Server Owner and you can fully copy the server to a blank server that is created. It will help in case you need to use a backup or just have something to dev work on before pushing it to the main server.

How do I copy a Discord server on my phone?

And then find your server that you want to make a copy of then you can go to your server name go to the downwards arrow. And then you can go to server settings. And then go to server template.

How do you copy a link to a Discord profile?

In desktop:
  1. Open Discord and go to the settings menu on the bottom left corner. …
  2. Scroll down the settings menu and look for “Appearance”. …
  3. Now go to the person you want to copy the link from and right-click on their name. …
  4. Open the browser and type in the following link “https://discordapp.com/users/xxxx/”.

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