How to censor words on discord mobile

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How do you censor Discord mobile?

In a chat, highlight the specific part of the message you want to mark as a spoiler. Right-click on it and select “Mark as spoiler”. Send the message. The spoiler text will now be hidden with a black box.

How do you do spoiler text in Discord mobile?

Here’s how:
  1. Note: You can find the two vertical bars on any Android keyboard by tapping on the number symbol in the left-hand corner. Keep tapping that key until you find the two vertical bars. We’re using Gboard for reference.
  2. Bold: **phrase**
  3. Bold Italics: ***phrase***
  4. Underline Bold: _**phrase**_

How do you hide words in Discord mobile?

Discord: How to Mark Your Message as a Spoiler
  1. Step 1: Type the message you want to mark as a spoiler, but don’t send it.
  2. Step 2: Highlight the text you want to mark as a spoiler. …
  3. Step 3: Once you highlight the desired text, a menu will appear on the screen. …
  4. Step 4: Tap “Mark as spoiler.”

How do you spoiler messages on Discord Iphone?

Spoilering an Image on Discord Mobile
  1. Tap on the + button in the text window. …
  2. Select the image you would like to spoiler. …
  3. Tap and hold the selected image. …
  4. Tap on the Mark as spoiler checkbox. …
  5. Verify the spoiler image. …
  6. Send the spoiler image.

How do you do a spoiler on Discord Iphone?

App on our iphone or android phone so this will be the app that allows you to see all the different files images things like that that are on your phone. So go ahead and open that up and then find the

How do you mark something as a spoiler on Discord?

However, you can use spoiler tags in the same way on your Discord web, Mac OS, or Android application.
  1. To use the spoiler tag on Discord, write out “/spoiler” and type your message in the chat bar. …
  2. For demonstration, we added the “/spoiler” tag with the “This is a secret message” text:

How do you mark NSFW on Discord?

How to Make an NSFW Channel on Discord Mobile
  1. Open the Discord server on your smartphone and launch the channel that you want to turn into an NSFW channel. …
  2. Once you have created the channel, tap on the people icon at the top right. …
  3. In the channel settings, enable the checkmark beside NSFW Channel.

How do you do a spoiler on Discord bio?

In the preview box, you can add a comment to your attachment or an emoji. Then, select Mark as Spoiler in the lower-left corner to hide the attachment in the chat.

Can you mark images as spoilers on Discord mobile?

It before you actually send it to the discord checks channel go ahead and long press the image. Once you do that a new menu will open up at the bottom where as you can see you can mark as spoiler.