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How do I change discord bot permissions?

You can adjust permissions of specific channels, both text and voice, through the channel settings menu by hovering over a channel and clicking on the cog icon. Select the Permissions tab on the left-hand side. By default @everyone has access to all features of a channel.

How do I give bots permissions in discord?

How to Add Bots to Your Discord Server
  1. Check Your Permissions. You can only invite bots into servers where you have permission to do so. …
  2. Invite the Bot. Next, you need to invite the bot to your server. …
  3. Authorize the Bot’s Permissions. …
  4. Adjust the Bot’s Role on Discord. …
  5. Configure and Use the Discord Bot.

How do I edit a discord bot?

Open a bot
  1. Select the bot and click Edit. The edit button is a pencil icon.
  2. Right-click on the bot and select Edit.
  3. Click Actions and select Edit.

Why is my Discord BOT offline?

There could be an error on the server side, the code or hardware. Also, seek help from your bot’s official Discord server, there might be someone with experience is able to help.

Can a Discord bot edit messages?

Allow bots to edit messages of others (with an appropriate permission). This should make it clear that the message was edited, and should also allow the bot to add/remove embedded content from the message.

Can Discord bot edit messages?

Messages from other users can not be edited in discord at all, even/especially using the API.

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