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Now tap your server name at the top of the menu select settings from your server info. Page in the settings tap overview the first option here is your server. Name you can change the name.

How do I change the name of a group in Discord laptop?

So right there you want to click on it and then next up you’ll find the server name right there with this arrow. Now you want to click on that arrow. And then click on server settings.

How do I change my group icon in Discord?

And then under the main panel right here you have your icon. You can either click right here this big button that says upload image or you can click on the icon itself to change the icon.

Why can’t I change my Discord server name?

Discord is not changing the username because the username changing quota per hour has already exceeded. Discord only lets users change their username twice in an hour, and anyone trying to change their username more than two times in an hour won’t succeed.

How do I change my Discord name in 2022?

Discord: How to Change Your Username
  1. Step 1: Select the Gear Icon. First, you need to go to User Settings. …
  2. Step 2: Click the Edit Button to Change Your Account Username. Once you are here, just chose a new username, type in your current password, and click “save”:

How do I get Discord GC?

On the Discord mobile app:

Head to the Direct Messages tab and tap the new conversation icon. Search and select the people you want to include in the group DM. Tap the send icon on the bottom right corner of the app to create the new group chat.

How can I change my server name?

To change the name of a server
  1. In Registered Servers, expand Database Engine and then Local Server Groups.
  2. Right-click a server and select Properties to open the Edit Server Registration Properties dialog window.
  3. In the Registered server name text box, type the new name for the server registration, and then click Save.

How many people can Discord call?

Also, one great feature in Discord’s voice calls is how many people can participate. As mentioned, you can talk with up to 100 users at the same time. There is a limit for Discord video calls though, and you can see up to 25 of your friends at a time – which is a lot better than 2 in Slack.

How do I get Nitro Discord for free?

Information after filling the information click on next agree to their term of service and click on get nitro monthly. And boom you can see we got nitro monthly for free.

How much is nitro on Discord?

Discord Nitro is available for $9.99 a month, or $99.99 a year.

How do I rename a Discord server on Android?

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  1. Open Discord.
  2. Tap ☰.
  3. Tap the server.
  4. Tap the channel.
  5. Tap ⁝.
  6. Tap Channel Settings.
  7. Type a new name for the channel.
  8. Tap the save icon.

How do I change my about me on Discord mobile?

Change Your Bio on Discord Mobile

On the “User Profile” page, tap “About Me” and enter your information. Then save these details by tapping the floppy disk icon in the bottom-right corner. And you’ve successfully updated the information section in your Discord profile. Enjoy!

How do I change my age on Discord mobile?

Now, here’s how to change your age on Discord:
  1. Step 1: Submit A Request on Discord. There are no Discord age settings on the page. …
  2. Step 2: Add Your Date of Birth. Next, to alter your Discord age, you have to add your date of birth. …
  3. Step 3: Attach Your Picture. The last step to change the Discord age is finally here.

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