How to change discord server on mobile

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How do I change my Discord mobile server?

Changing the Discord Server Region on Mobile Devices

Tap the hamburger menu at the top left to access the channel list. In the channel list, tap the three-dot menu at the top right. In the pop-up window, tap “Settings”. Press “Preview” in the “Server Settings” menu.

How do I change servers on Discord?

If you’re having trouble in one of these areas, or just want to experiment, the process is quick. Open up Discord and log into your account. Then, choose the server in the left-hand column that you want to change the voice server on.

How do I join a different Discord server on my phone?

Android and iOS

Open the Discord app on your Android or iOS device, then scroll to the bottom of your server list. Press the plus-shaped Add a Server button, then press Join a friend on Discord. Paste the server invite link in the Invite link field, then press Join Server.

Can you change Discord region on mobile?

Changing to a Specific Region on Mobile

Start by touch and holding (or long pressing) on the specific voice channel you’d like to modify. Once you are in the Channel Settings, you can tap on the Region Override section, and then select the region you’d like to manually set.

How do I change my Discord 2022 server?

Open Discord and log in to your account. Then choose the server in the left column that you want to change the voice server on. Remember, to change the server, you must be the owner of the server or have a role within a server where you have your own admin server permissions enabled.

How do I change regions on my Discord 2021?

To do so, open Discord and visit the server. Click the downward arrow next to your server at the top of the channel list on the left, and then click “Server Settings.” In the “Overview” tab, you can view various server settings, including the current server region. To change the server region, click “Change.”

How do I change my server location?

To set preferred server locations:
  1. On your main screen, tap the WiFi Security app icon.
  2. In the upper left corner of the screen, tap the Location icon. …
  3. Tap the server location you want to connect to. …
  4. To set preferred server locations to connect to automatically, see Setting Preferred Server Locations on Mobile Devices.

How do I change where Discord is installed?

Moving around the Discord folder from AppData to Program Files, Desktop, or anywhere else is possible. To do this, go to the default installation path, select the Discord folder, right-click, cut, and then paste it wherever you want.

Where are Discord servers based?

us-central: Chicago, Illinois. us-south: Dallas, Texas. us-east: New York City, New York.

How do I leave a Discord server?

How to Leave a Discord Server on Mobile (iPhone and Android)
  1. Open the Discord app on your mobile device.
  2. Search and select the server you want to leave.
  3. Click on the three dots beside the server.
  4. From the list of options, click on Leave Server.
  5. When prompted, click on Leave Server for confirmation.

How do I find new servers on Discord?

Once you’ve typed in your keyword, press “Enter” to see if there’s a public community that shares your interest! The Server Discovery tab will then show you a list of all servers that match your search term, and you’ll be able to begin exploring servers from there!

How do you join Dream’s Discord?

So all you do is just dm them and say i have bought dreams merch. Here’s the image. And then you’ll be invited to join dreams discord server there’ll be a private invite sent to you um even the dms.

What is server region Discord?

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Can Discord track your location?

No one can get your IP from Discord. Discord stores your personal information in it’s servers are accessed by only the Discord admins. So, no one can access and acquire your personal information from there. Discord is very strict with its users’ privacy.