How to change sound pack discord

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Can you change your Discord notification sound?

Can you change the Discord notification sound? Yes, you can change notification sound on Discord but only on a PC App. You can’t change notification sounds on browsers and other devices. Discord app for PC saves the configuration files on PC itself.

How do I change Discord sounds in BetterDiscord?

How To Install The BetterDiscord Plugin
  1. Go to BetterDiscord’s official website and download the plugin called “NotificationSounds.”
  2. Open Discord, and head over to User Settings.
  3. On the left, you’ll see a bunch of new menus. …
  4. Click on Open Plugin Folder, copy the plugin you just downloaded and paste it into this folder.

How do I update my Discord Christmas?

And welcome back to another quick video in this quick guide i’ll be showing you how to enable the christmas sound pack for discord. It’s a seasonal thing that they’ve added and of course they’ve been

How do I add custom audio to Discord?

So to change something go to implemented sounds and here we go new chat message and direct message and mention mention rule mentioned out everyone a bunch of things.

How do you get Lil Yachty Discord sound pack?

Head into your User Settings – just press the cog icon in the bottom left corner of the app. Then click on Notification in the left side bar. Scroll down until you see the Sound Pack menu. Last but not least, select your sound pack of choice in the drop-down menu!

How do you get custom notification sounds on Discord?

To set a custom ringtone or notification sound for Discord on your Android device, you can use the steps below:
  1. Select Settings.
  2. Go to Apps > App Management > Discord.
  3. Manage notifications > Turn on Allow notifications.
  4. Then, choose the Call option. …
  5. Now, tap Ringtone.

How do I turn down a Discord ringtone?

Mixer. One of these is going to be your notifications. Which is this one right here. And then one of these is going to be your main discord. So like when you’re chatting with friends or whatever.

Why does my Discord make Christmas Sounds?

Unfortunately, they’ve not proved universally popular. If you’re looking to turn them off, head to settings (the cog in the bottom left-hand corner of the Discord app), then appearance (under app settings), and uncheck the ‘Show Season Theme’ mark that should be in the middle of your screen.

How do I get rid of Discord winter Sounds?

Once you activate the Snowsgiving sound pack, you have the option to turn off individual sound effects in this pack. To do this, scroll down to view the list of sound effects in the “Sounds” section and click the green toggle to the right of any sound effect you want to turn off.

How do I change the notification sound for Discord on my iPhone?

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  1. Scroll down the Settings menu to find Sounds & Haptics. …
  2. Under the sub-menu Sounds and Vibration Patterns, select the type of notification you want to change the sound for — let’s use Text Tone as an example. …
  3. You can select from dozens of different sounds.

How do I change my notification sound?

Change your notification sound
  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Sound & vibration. Default notification sound.
  3. Choose a sound.
  4. Tap Save.

How do I change the audio on my Discord phone?

What’s up guys in this short tutorial i will show you how to fix the issue when there’s no sound when using the discord mobile. Application this should be quite an easy tutorial but if you still have

How do you do the Discordo Easter egg?

Discordo. Discordo is an easter egg that plays a voice that says “Discordo” each time the app is open. To activate it, click the Discord button in the top left 15 times until the voice plays. To deactivate the easter egg, click the button in the top left 15 times until the voice channel disconnect sound plays.