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How do I change my activity status on Discord?

To enable the Discord Activity status:
  1. Click on the Gear icon next to your username (located at the bottom left).
  2. Select Activity status from the left sidebar.
  3. Enable the option that says Display current activity as a status message.

Why can’t I change my status on Discord?

If you use your phone to set custom status, try setting it up from the desktop app instead. Due to some recent updates, several users have reported that setting up custom status from the smartphone app (iOS or Android) does not work correctly. So setting the custom status from the desktop app will work.

How do I change my activity status on Discord mobile?

Open Discord and navigate to User Settings. Select Game activity from the left menu. Manually add the game or program from the menu that appears. Toggle the game status on.

How do I change my activity status?

How do I turn my Activity status on Instagram on or off?
  1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap in the top left.
  3. Tap Privacy and security, then tap next to Show activity status to uncheck the box.

What is activity status Discord?

While in Discord, you can show others what game you’re playing or the software you’re currently utilizing. For example, the picture shows the user ComputerHope, who’s “Playing ComputerHope.com” while online. As you use other programs, this status can also change automatically if you choose.

Why does Discord say Im online when I’m not?

Discord automatically sets the Idle status when you haven’t been active on the app for a while. However, you can also set it manually. Note that the auto-idle status disappears when you’re back on the Discord app, but you can also manually set Idle status for an indefinite period.

How do I turn off game activity on Discord mobile?

Discord Game Activity

To hide your game activity on Discord, you will need to go to your User Settings and then to Activity Status. Once you are on the Activity Status page, you can just uncheck the marker labeled as Display current activity as a status message to disable showing your game activity!

Does Discord status change automatically on mobile?

Yes, Discord automatically changes your status to idle when you aren’t active and haven’t used the app for a while. Your Discord status is set to offline when you close the app on your desktop or mobile device.

How do I always appear online on Discord mobile?

Only using your phone while on a voice channel might sound a bit weird but to fix that just enable the loudspeaker mode and you should be good to go.

How do I change my bio on Discord mobile?

Change Your Bio on Discord Mobile

In Discord’s bottom bar, tap your profile icon. On the “User Settings” page, tap “User Profile.” On the “User Profile” page, tap “About Me” and enter your information. Then save these details by tapping the floppy disk icon in the bottom-right corner.

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