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How do I customize my Discord activity status?

Click on the Gear icon next to your username (located at the bottom left). Select Activity status from the left sidebar. Enable the option that says Display current activity as a status message.

How do I change my status on Discord 2021?

Once the settings open scroll down in the left sidebar. Until you see activity settings and select activity status.

How do Discord statuses work?

You can manually set a Discord status. It changes across all the devices you use Discord on and will remain in place until you revert to Online. To set your status on desktop, click your profile picture in the bottom-left. To set your status on mobile, swipe right, tap your profile picture, and tap Set Status.

Why does Discord say Im online when I’m not?

Discord automatically sets the Idle status when you haven’t been active on the app for a while. However, you can also set it manually. Note that the auto-idle status disappears when you’re back on the Discord app, but you can also manually set Idle status for an indefinite period.

How do I change my status on Discord mobile?

How to Change Your Custom Status From Discord Mobile
  1. Log in to your Discord app from your mobile device.
  2. Click your avatar in the lower right-hand side of the screen on the lower bar.
  3. At the top of the screen that appears, press “Set Status.”

Does Discord change status automatically?

Yes, Discord automatically changes your status to idle when you aren’t active and haven’t used the app for a while. Your Discord status is set to offline when you close the app on your desktop or mobile device.

How do I check my status on Discord?

To start, open the Discord website or desktop app, and then sign in to your Discord account. At the bottom left, you’ll see your username, profile icon, and current status.

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