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How do I change the font style in Discord?

You can head on over the settings on the bottom right corner and then go to user settings and click on Appearance. From the chat font scaling section, you can increase or decrease the scaling of your font size.

How do you make text look different in Discord?

You can combine all four style changes as well – just use two tildes (~~), two underscores (__) and three asterisks (***) on either side of your text.

How do I use Discord fonts?

You can fuse all the formatting attributes to create the ultimate font in Discord. So, use two underscores and three asterisks in front and three asterisks, and two underscores at the end.

What fonts can I use in Discord?

The font that is used across the entire Discord application is called Uni Sans Heavy. If you are interested in using this font, you can download the Uni Sans Font Family and install it on your device.

How do you change fonts?

Open Settings. Tap Display. Tap Font and screen zoom. Select your choice of Font Style and you’re done.

How do I look cool in Discord?

There are a few things you can customize with Discord’s UI. To see them, go to App Settings > Appearance. From here, you can select between two themes: light and dark.

How do you color text in Discord?

Space and then you can type whatever text you’d like to. Type. After that we hit the enter key on our keyboard. And then do three more back quotes. And then you’re good to go you can hit enter.

Why is my Discord font weird?

If you use Windows 10 and an NVIDIA graphics card, Discord blurry text or video can be caused by anti-aliasing on your graphics card. In this case, you need to turn off anti-aliasing.

Does Discord support custom fonts?

Custom fonts are just like Samsung’s change-able fonts. So, there will be fonts that you can select from 1 to 100. The non-nitro users will be able to use 10 fonts. While that is happening, the Nitro users can have 100 fonts and +5 custom fonts that they downloaded / selected.

How do I change the font color in Discord?

Then text hit the enter key on our keyboard. Then a number symbol then we can type whatever we want hit the enter key again and then three back quotes. And we can hit enter.

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