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1. New Member Messages – Discord Support


Jun 1, 2020 — The welcome message settings are in the first tab of the server settings page, labeled Overview. Capture65.jpg. Step Three: Select Text Channel.

2. Welcome messages | MEE6 Helpdesk


You can either send the welcome message in a Discord channel, or directly to the user through a direct message. To set up join messages head on over to your …

3. How To Make Custom Welcome Messages On Discord Servers


Apr 25, 2020 — To start with, open up the web version of Discord & sign into your account. … Once you’re logged in there, head over to mee6.xyz .Mee6 is the …

4. How To Make a Welcome Channel in Discord – Swipe Tips


Aug 28, 2019 — To do it, select your channel first. Then, write a message for all the members to see, or you can toggle a private message targeted to only one …

5. how to turn off welcome messages in discord – Swipe Tips


Sep 20, 2020 — Choose the first option from the top. You are looking for the menu “Overview”. Now, a submenu will open. Here you can see the name of your …

6. How can we add a welcome message to Discord server with …


1 answer
Hey there..! · You can follow the following steps to create a welcome message for the new members joining in. · Steps to invite the bot. · Steps for setting up the …

7. How To Make a Welcome Channel In Discord [Simple Steps]

How To Make a Welcome Channel In Discord [Simple Steps]

How To Set A Welcome Message In Discord — Now right-click on your Discord server and select the “Create A Channel” option from the menu.

8. (With Mee6) How to make Welcome Channel in Discord

(With Mee6) How to make Welcome Channel in Discord

How to set auto Welcome Message in Discord — You can type messages here or set up a bot for automatic Welcome messages. Check out the guide …

9. How To Make A Welcome Channel in Discord? (Easiest Guide)

How To Make A Welcome Channel in Discord? (Easiest Guide)

How To Set Up A Welcome Message In Discord? — Toggle on the Send a message when a user joins the server option. · Then use the drop-down menu …

10. How to Make a Welcome Channel in Discord | ProPCGuide


Sep 21, 2021 — Discord also allows you to make a default welcome message, and there are some simple steps through which you can make your welcome message …

11. Is there any way to customize the welcome messages? – Reddit

Is there any way to customize the welcome messages? from discordapp

Sep 9, 2018 — You can’t change them yet, but you can just disable them and have any number of bots send a customized welcome message instead.

12. Welcome and leave messages – Carl-bot Documentation


Welcome and leave messages. Info. Use the dashboard! It allows for easier setup and embeds. Info. These commands do nothing before using set welcome …

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