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1. Extended Audit Logs (Log Channel Moving, Who added what …


I have an issue on my Discord where a channel keeps consistently being moved around, to the exact same (incorrect) place. Only 5 people have access to this …

2. New Member Messages – Discord Support


Jun 1, 2020 — The welcome message settings are in the first tab of the server settings page, labeled Overview. Capture65.jpg. Step Three: Select Text Channel.

3. How can I set my discord to have visitors join a certain channel?

How can I set my discord to have visitors join a certain channel? from discordapp

Jun 20, 2017 — This creates a new invite link that when it is used, people joining will open up directly to that channel. The channel must be visible to people …

4. Show who left and joined? : r/discordapp – Reddit

Show who left and joined? from discordapp

edit: I’ve found a few bots that show who joins the server for the first time, … Got a call from “9-5 lol”, I go on to discord, and there’s no log with …

5. Audit Logs | The Discord Wiki


Ever wonder who created a new channel on your server? Or who the person who banned a troublesome user was? Have no fear, Audit Logs are here to tell you who …

6. Audit Log | Discord Wiki | Fandom


In order to view the Audit Log, go to “Server Settings” and then click. … allows users with the “View Audit Log” permission to view changes to the server.

7. Welcome messages | MEE6 Helpdesk


You can get MEE6 to send a message when new users join your server. … You can either send the welcome message in a Discord channel, or directly to the …

8. Join Leave action logs not working for some reason, someone?


Jun 12, 2021 — setFooter(‘User ID:’ + member.id); const msg = await bot.channels.cache.get(‘789257779076268102’).send(embed) //send the action …
1 answer  ·  Top answer: You should keep in mind that for guildMember… events, you need to have the bot invited with this on: It can be found at the bottom of the “bot” section …
‎| Must include: Change

9. Action Log – Dyno Wiki


Dyno will help you and your moderators keep track of the changes happening inside of your server … Member Join | Logs whenever a member joins your server.

10. Logger | Discord Bots | Top.gg


An all around powerful logging bot with a web dashboard for maximum … If you’re not logging member joins, you can get away with only granting Manage …
Rating: 88.1% · ‎52 votes

11. how to turn off welcome messages in discord – Swipe Tips


Sep 20, 2020 — Those who have created their server, they get admin privileges. It means they can customize their own welcoming message. It is an awesome …

12. How can we see when someone joined your Discord server?


12 answers
Send a random welcome message when someone joins this server. you can select whether this is sent to a type of “log” channel to which only staff members (or …

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