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How do you change your name on Discord mobile server?

You can also change your nickname on the Discord mobile app. To do so, open the app and then go to the server that you would like to change your nickname in. Once there, tap the Server Members List icon in the top-right corner of the screen. On the next screen, tap your name from the Server Members List.

Why can’t I change my Discord server name?

Discord is not changing the username because the username changing quota per hour has already exceeded. Discord only lets users change their username twice in an hour, and anyone trying to change their username more than two times in an hour won’t succeed.

How do I change my name on Discord 2021?

Discord: How to Change Your Username
  1. Step 1: Tap your profile picture in the Discord navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Tap “Account.”
  3. Step 3: Tap “Username.”
  4. Step 4: Type your desired username, and then tap “Save” in the top-right corner of the screen.

How can I change my name on Discord Mobile 2021?

How do I change my Username?
  1. In the My Account tab of the User Settings menu, click that edit:
  2. Change that username! Think of a schnazzy new name and type it on in:
  3. Show Discord you mean business by adding your password:
  4. And you’re all set!

What’s a good Discord name?

Best Discord Names & Nicknames to Use (2022)
  • Potato.
  • BunnyEars.
  • TomatoJuice.
  • BearBelly.
  • HoldMyPurse.
  • CrisPBacon.
  • CrabbyPatty.
  • IdiotGuy.

What are good Discord server names?

Cool Discord Server Names Ideas (2022)
  • ButterHost.
  • Discordia.
  • The Dapper Server.
  • Eris’ Playground.
  • Lunar Lander.
  • Nebula’s Playground.
  • The Next Level.
  • Olympus.

How do you change the color of your name on Discord mobile?

  1. In the Discord mobile app, tap the Hamburger menu icon ( …
  2. Tap your Server’s Name at the top left and select Settings in the menu that appears. …
  3. Scroll down and tap Roles under User Management.
  4. Tap the + symbol in the bottom right corner to create a new role. …
  5. Type in a name for your role, and select a color for it.

How do I change my age on Discord mobile?

To do this, open up Discord and click on the settings icon in the bottom left corner of the window. From there, select “Privacy” from the menu on the left. Under “Age,” you’ll be able to change your age to the one you want.

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