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How do you see where you’ve been pinged on Discord?

You can tap on the symbol to the top right of the view to open your Filter Options. From here, you can choose to see @mentions per server or all your servers in one window.

How do I check my mentions on my Discord Mobile 2021?

Viewing Recent @Mentions in the Discord Mobile App

You can filter mentions by tapping the Filter icon in the upper right corner of the Recent Mentions screen. Here, you can show only mentions from specific servers and filter out @everyone and @here mentions.

How do you ping someone on Discord Android?

To ping a specific user, use: @nickname (i.e. @Leonidas). As you start typing their nickname, it should autofill for you. Alternatively, you can use their discord username. To ping a role, use: @role (i.e. @Officer).

How do u Ping on Discord?

Pinging on Discord
  1. Ping using name. You can ping any person or role by doing @[name of the person to ping/role to be pinged]. …
  2. Ping using the Player Tag. Each player has a peculiar name + tag combination in Discord.

What is a ghost ping?

(transitive, Internet slang) To ping someone or some people and then delete the message with which one pinged them, which causes them to receive a ping notification but no message or sender.

Why does Discord keep pinging?

What is this? One of the most common reasons for ping spikes is an unstable internet connection. A poor internet connection will lead to Discord acting up. Hence, before trying any other troubleshooting method, or changing the settings, check that your internet connection is stable.

How do you mention someone on Discord mobile?

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  1. Open Discord.
  2. Tap on the 3 horizontal lines.
  3. Select a server.
  4. Select a channel.
  5. Tap Message.
  6. Tap the at sign key.
  7. Select the person you want to tag.
  8. Type your message.

How do you ping on an iPhone?

A. Ping iPhone Device:
  1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Devices tab from the bottom bar.
  3. Select the desired device from the menu you want to ping. Note: You can add other iPhone devices from here as well by tapping on the Plus (+) icon.
  4. Tap on Play Sound to ping the phone immediately.

How do you ping someone on Discord without them knowing?

After typing just press enter you can see i mention. Everyone without any ping. And if you want to change the ping just paste the message. And change the everyone ping for example i will write.

How do I ping someone?

To “ping” someone, all one has to do is send a quick digital message, by words, emojis, or images.

So pings can be done over:
  1. The cell or mobile phone (SMS, text)
  2. E-mail.
  3. Instant Messaging (Internal company system, WhatsApp, Google, Skype, Facebook, etc.)

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