How to check edited messages on discord

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How do I find deleted and edited messages on Discord DMS?

And you need to just type in light is better discord. And it should take you to this one here just click on the first one. And we’re then looking for the message logger v2. This saves or deleted.

How do I revert an edited message in Discord?

The user who did the message can click the three dots on a message and click “Revert Back to Original Message,” which will revert it back and take away the (edited) message next to the message.

Does Discord keep deleted messages?

Discord publically announced on Twitter that once a Discord message has been deleted, it is deleted forever. Their servers are set up to hold on to that extra information, so once it has been deleted neither you nor the writer can retrieve the message again.

How do I retrieve deleted messages from Discord Audit Log?

Once you have accessed the settings, find a tab named “Audit Log” and click on it. You should now be able to see an overview of the most recently deleted and edited messages.

Does Discord notify when you edit a message?

Editing a message on Discord won’t notify the other members on a channel. However, the word “edited” will appear beside the text so that people will know that changes there are changes made to the message. Please note that you can only edit messages that you sent on Discord.

Where is audit log in Discord?

In order to view the Audit Log, go to “Server Settings” and then click “Audit Log”.

How do you edit other people’s messages on Discord?

Find a box that has a cursor inside in the top left and click on the text that you want to fake/edit. When ready to use, the cursor will turn blue. Double-click the text element with the message that you want to edit and press Delete.