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How do I find my birthday on discord?

Discord does ask your age when you sign up, but they do not verify your age when you sign up. The only time Discord will verify your age is if you try to change your age or your birthday after your account has been created.

How do I check my discord mobile age?

Go to Discord ID Creation Date Tool. Paste your account ID into the Discord ID Section. Click on check the date.

How do I change my age on discord?

And we can easily do that by first opening the discord. App on our iphone or android. Phone then selecting your profile. Image in the bottom right menu of the app. This will open up the user settings

How do I verify Im 18 on discord?

Steps to Verify Your Age on Discord:
  1. Step 1: Go to Discord Website. Firstly, open the Discord website to verify your age. …
  2. Step 2: Go to the Discord Support page. …
  3. Step 3: Submit a Support Request. …
  4. Step 4: Choose Trust and Safety. …
  5. Step 5: Fill the Form. …
  6. Step 6: Attached the photo ID. …
  7. Step 7: Click on ‘Submit’

Can you change your age?

You can’t change your age, it changes all by itself.

How do I change my age on Discord 2022?

Under “What can we help you with?” select Trust & Safety. Next, enter the email address of your Discord account. Under “How can we help?” select Appeals, age update, other questions. On the next drop down menu, select Update my age information.

Can you see someone’s age on Discord?

So perhaps discord can implement a verification process in which would help figure out who is 18+. This feature will give anyone who is proven to be 18+ a badge that will let other users know they are an adult, but it will not tell their exact age.

Is sharing Discord ID Safe?

Your Discord ID is public information, so don’t worry if someone knows it. There isn’t anything malicious that they can use it for.

How do I change my age on Discord without ID?

To change your age on Discord without an ID, you need to create a new Discord account. By creating a new Discord account, you can set your date of birth to 18 or above. However, you should use a secondary email address for this.

How do you get rid of 18+ on discord?

You can find your User Settings by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the app. In the User Settings menu, click on Privacy & Safety. Find “Allow access to age-restricted content on iOS” and click the toggle. This will let you view age-restricted servers you are already a member of from your iOS device.

Does Discord tell you happy birthday?

Your discord profile has a hat over it for everyone to see around the world in whatever discord group/server you’re in. If you click on the hat it’ll send a dm like “UserX has wished you a happy birthday!” In bold or in colors!

How do you change your birthday on Discord birthday bot?

  1. Add the bot to your server.
  2. Add your birthday. Type ~birthday . …
  3. Set your time zone. Type ~timezone . …
  4. If you don’t want your age to appear in your future birthday announcements, type ~hide_age. To cancel this, type ~show_age.
  5. Set the server’s birthday announcement channel. Type ~channel . …
  6. Done.

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