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Click the Toolbox menu and choose the Video Compressor tool. Then click the Plus icon to add the desired videos you want to compress for Discord. Then click the downward arrow of the Size to reduce the video size for Discord to less than 8MB/50MB. Then choose the MP4/MOV/WebM format that is supported by Discord.

How do you send a video too large on Discord?

How to Send Large Files on Discord Without Nitro
  1. 1 Uploading to Imgur in a Web Browser.
  2. 2 Uploading to Imgur in the Mobile App.
  3. 3 Compressing with HandBrake on Your Computer.
  4. 4 Sharing a Large File with Google Drive on Mobile.
  5. 5 Sharing a Large File with Google Drive on a Computer.

How do I compress a video for Discord on my phone?

Settings. Go down to your text and images settings. And then inside of here you should find the option to automatically compress your images it’s just called auto compress images.

How do you send a video over 8MB on Discord?

As stated above, you need to buy a Discord Nitro subscription in order to send videos larger than 8MB. But, do not prepare to swipe yet. There are workarounds that will let you do that for free — compressing the video, for instance. It will reduce the file size, which would allow you to send it without spending money.

How do I compress video files?

6 Easy Ways to Compress Video Files for E-mail
  1. Create a zip file. The most common way to compress a video is to convert it into a zip file. …
  2. Make a video shorter and smaller with iMovie on Mac. …
  3. Download a video in a lower quality. …
  4. Use a cloud service. …
  5. Share a video link without uploading. …
  6. Make a GIF.

What is the max file size for Discord?

Sending documents, images, videos, or any other type of file via Discord is usually quite simple. Unfortunately, due to the rapid growth of Discord’s userbase, the maximum file size for uploads has been limited to 8MB. Today, it isn’t uncommon to want to share files larger than 8MB.

How do I upload more than 100mb to Discord?

If you’re using a mobile device, follow these steps instead.
  1. Download a video compressor app from the app store.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Pick a video to compress.
  4. Ensure it’s the proper size before proceeding.
  5. Start the compression.
  6. After it ends, switch to Discord for mobile.
  7. Locate the compressed video.
  8. Upload it to Discord.

How do you send a large video on Discord without Nitro?

That we can use to upload larger file sizes. Without having a nitro. So we’re going to use a website called imgur to work around this and basically all we have to do is click on new post.

How do I import an mp4 into Discord?

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  1. Open Discord.
  2. Navigate to a chat, either private or channel.
  3. Click the plus icon (+).
  4. Navigate to and double-click on your video.
  5. Click Upload.

Why won’t my files compress on Discord?

Check if the file you want to share is less than 8MB or is not encrypted. If your internal storage is encrypted and you want to share any files from it, you’ll face the forever compressing issue. So, if the file is encrypted, decrypt it first and then try to share it.

How do I make my file size smaller?

Remove unnecessary images, formatting and macros. Save the file as a recent Word version. Reduce the file size of the images before they are added to the document. If it is still too large, save the file as a PDF.

How can I reduce the size of a video on my iPhone?

Here are all the easiest ways to compress videos and shrink them down to a smaller file size on your iPhone.

Here’s how:
  1. Launch the Settings app and tap Camera.
  2. Tap Record Video.
  3. Choose an option that balances both the size and the quality of your videos. The lower the number, the smaller the file size.

How do I bypass Discord 8MB limit?

The last option to expand your file uploading limit in Discord is to buy the Discord Nitro subscription. It’ll let you share large files, more than 8MB, on Discord. Buying a Discord Nitro premium subscription will unlock your file upload file size to 50-100MB, depending on your subscription package.

How many MB is a 10 second video?

Recommended resolution: For a standard video submission, we recommend a video resolution setting of VGA. At this setting, a 10-minute video will produce a file size of approximately 240 megabytes.

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