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With “Discord-Server-Cloner”
  1. For a token of your discord, open your discord account on a browser.
  2. On discord, press Ctrl + Shift + I.
  3. Go to Console, and paste the token code there. ( …
  4. Paste the whole code there, and copy the token code which comes in the next line.
  5. Paste that code in the command prompt.

How do I copy a server on discord mobile?

And then find your server that you want to make a copy of then you can go to your server name go to the downwards arrow. And then you can go to server settings. And then go to server template.

Can I duplicate Discord app?

How to use multiple Discord accounts on a mobile device? You can use multiple Discord accounts on your mobile device, Android and iOS in the same way as on a computer. Either download the app and open it on the browser, too, or open it on two browsers.

How do I copy my Discord ID?

To find the Server ID of any server on both Android and iOS, tap on the three dots next to the server name, and in the menu that appears, scroll down and tap on ‘Copy ID’. To find the Channel ID, press and hold on the channel name and select ‘Copy ID’.

How do I duplicate someone else’s Discord server?

Open we need to go into the left side and find server template select that and then as you can see here here with server template it will copy everything from the channels.

How do you copy a Discord link on Iphone?

Select “Invite People.” In this menu, you can scroll down a list of your friends and click the “Invite” button next to each name. You can also press the “Copy” button to copy a link to your clipboard and send it to anyone. This invite link will expire in 24 hours by default.

How do I share a link to a Discord server?

Open your server and click the Instant Invite icon next to the channel name. A box will appear with an invite link and direct invite buttons for the friends or group DMs that you’ve communicated with most recently!

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