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1. Group Chat and Calls – Discord Support


2. How do you set up a group chat on Discord? – Quora


Feb 29, 2020 · 9 answers
Click the “Add friends to DM” icon in an existing one-to-one DM to start a new one with you, your friend, and anyone else you want to invite.
How do I add people into group chat in Discord?
2 answers
Mar 25, 2019
How to make a group in Discord
1 answer
Feb 5, 2021
How to join a Discord group
4 answers
Nov 1, 2018
Can members of a Discord group chat or DM see the …
8 answers
May 21, 2019
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3. How to Set up a Group DM in Discord – Technipages


Sep 25, 2020 — In an existing one-to-one DM, click the “Add friends to DM” icon to create a new DM with you, your friend, and whoever you choose to invite.

4. How to Make a Group Chat on Discord – That VideoGame Blog

How to Make a Group Chat on Discord

Oct 1, 2021 — Click the phone icon to start a group call, click the camera icon to start a video call (with streaming options), etc. Do note that any group …

5. How Do You Set Up A Group Chat On Discord? | Blog Waves


Sep 25, 2021 — Go to the “Friends” Screen on Discord by clicking the icon; “New Group DM Button” with the “Plus Sign” on top of it. The Icon is on the top …

6. How to Make a Discord Server and Customize It – Business …


Dec 22, 2020 — Discord is a popular group-chatting app that, while originally made for gaming, has blown up since its 2015 launch.

7. How to create a group in Discord – Linux Hint

How to create a group in Discord

5 days ago — To create a Discord group, use the “Group DM” or “Existing one to one DM” option in your Discord application. As a Discord user, you have to …

8. How to make Discord Group dm or discord group chat

How to make Discord Group dm or discord group chat

Jan 4, 2020 — Click on the friends which shows you friend list . which shows your online, blocked and pending friends.Now at top right corner you will find …

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9. How to Set Up a Group DM in Discord – TechCult


Jul 1, 2021 — 1. Open the Discord app on your phone. Tap on the Friends icon on the left side of the screen. · 2. Tap on the Create Group DM button that is …

10. Help, how to create a group DM without friends[Android] – Reddit

Help, how to create a group DM without friends[Android] from discordapp

No, group DMs can only be created with friends. 1. Reply.

11. How to Add or Remove Someone From a Group in Discord


Learn how to add and remove Discord group members. Discord doesn’t just have servers and one-to-one DMs. You can also create group DMs (and calls), …

12. Discord Group Messages – [PCEO] Peaceful CEO

Discord Group Messages

Invite friends to group (on mobile): · or New Group DM (laptop): · Checkmark each friend you want to add, and start the group DM. Others in the group can add more …

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