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Video so first there’s a few things i need to mention. You can only delete your messages in private messages. And you can only delete other people’s messages on servers if you have permissions set up

How do I delete all messages on Discord app?

The procedure for deleting DMs from your Discord smartphone application applies for both the Android and IOS application, and it is as follows:
  1. Open the Discord app on your smartphone.
  2. Find the message that you want to delete.
  3. Tap and hold the message. …
  4. Tap ‘Delete’ on that list.

Is there a way to mass delete Discord DMS?

It but what if you want to delete bulk of messages. In that case there is no default feature from discord. And you have to go with third party. Application or a discord bot or either through the

Does deleting Discord account delete all messages?

When you delete your account, ALL your sent messages in ALL servers should be deleted. – Discord.

How do you delete 100 messages on Discord?

To delete messages in your Discord chat app, use the following commands:
  1. Use ‘! clear @username’ to delete a specific user’s previous 100 messages.
  2. Use ‘! clear 500’ to delete the last 500 messages on the channel.

How do I delete a whole conversation on Discord mobile?

Chat conversations are listed under “Direct Messages.” This will display the entire conversation with direct messages listed in the order they were sent and received. Tap and hold a chat message you’ve sent. This will display a pop-up menu with your options. Tap Delete at the pop-up menu.

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