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How do I delete Discord from my iPad?

An “X” button will appear on the corner of every app icon. Tap the X on the Discord icon. It’s in the top-left corner of the app icon. It will uninstall the app, and remove all of its contents from your iPhone or iPad.

How do I remove a Discord account?

To delete your Discord account, open Discord and go to User Settings > My Account > Delete Account.

Can we permanently delete Discord account?

For the deletion to work, you’ll need to take care of a few things first. If you’re a server owner, you’ll need to either delete the server, or transfer ownership. Once you’ve passed off the keys to your castles, you can go ahead and initiate the deletion.

How do I delete my Discord account immediately mobile?

Open your updated discord app and tap the “hamburger” menu located at the top-left. Tap the gear icon so you can go to the “user settings.” Select “My Account” Below the “Account Management” option, choose “Delete Account” and put your password and 2FA (if you have set it up)

How do I permanently delete Discord app from iPhone?

If you want to uninstall Discord from your iPhone device, this is the easiest way you can do it:
  1. Find Discord on your Home screen.
  2. Press and hold the app with your finger.
  3. Select “Remove App.”
  4. Tap “Delete App” on the pop-up menu.
  5. Confirm that you want to remove Discord by tapping “Delete.”

How long does Discord take to delete account?

Approximately, Discord takes 14 to 30 days to delete an account. To delete your account from Discord, log in to your account, go to “User Settings”, and open “My Account” settings. Next, search for the “ACCOUNT REMOVAL” option and click on the “Delete” button.

Who is deleted user 0000?

A deleted account usually looks like Deleted User(random number letter combo)#0000(Random discriminator) This can be caused by either a self deletion, where a user went ahead and deleted their account or an account was disabled/deleted due to ToS violation.

Is Discord deleting accounts 2022?

So, the bottom line is that Discord is making a lot of revenue and is steadily succeeding day by day. This means Discord is not shutting down in 2022 or actually, any time soon.

How do I delete my 2021 Discord account?

Account is pretty straightforward. Here’s how it’s done to delete your discord. Account you’ll need to start by heading to your account. Page on the desktop or web app just click on the gear icon next

Do deleted Discord accounts stay in servers?

Deleted accounts will stay deleted permanently, and cannot be recovered, we mean it!

Does Discord delete inactive accounts?

On Discord, accounts that have not been used for 2 years or more may be scheduled to be deleted. As your account nears the 2 years mark you may get an email or text message warning you that your account is scheduled to be deleted.

How does a deleted Discord account look like?

Active Users should look something like this:

When an account is deleted, the name of the account changes to something along the lines of “DeletedUser#####.” The numbers that appear after the “DeletedUser” may be all zeros or a bunch of randomly generated numbers.

Why is my Discord account not deleted?

It takes so long for your Discord account to be officially deleted because there’s a 14-day turn-around while the deletion is pending. This means that once you hit “Delete Account” for the last time, it may take up to 14-days before the account is actually deleted by Discord.

How do I delete a Discord account from Safari?

Tap the gear icon to go into user settings. Select “My Account”. Under account management, choose either disable or delete account. Enter your Discord password to confirm your choice.

How do I delete my Discord account without logging in?

So just click reset password then we can then go and enter in a new password. Now it’s going to log you into the desktop version of discord here you can do the same thing you can go to user settings.

Why can’t I delete my Discord server?

You also won’t be able to delete the server afterward, as only the new server owner will have the power to do so. To transfer ownership of a server, open the Discord desktop app, or access the Discord website. Once you’ve signed in, select your server name in the top-left, then press the Server Settings option.

Why does Discord take up so much space?

Why does Discord take up so much disk space? Probably because your cache needs clearing. Here’s what you need to know. Discord is a fun way to chat with others, whether they’re your close friends or fellow fans of a game or TV show you love.

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