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But what you would do is you would go delete recent messages. First and click start. And you can see it’s going to go through and it’s going to delete all your messages it’s deleted one.

How do I permanently delete Discord conversations on my phone?

When Discord was released, it changed the concept of instant messaging and group chats forever.

Deleting Discord DM History on Discord With Hotkeys
  1. hovering over it to reveal the right-side hamburger menu icon.
  2. clicking on the icon.
  3. selecting Delete.
  4. confirming the deletion by clicking the Delete button.

How do I delete all messages on Discord?

Delete all messages in a Discord channel or DM
  1. Open Discord in a browser like Chrome or Firefox;
  2. Open DevTools pressing F12 or ⌘ command + option + J ;
  3. Copy the deleteDiscordMessages. js script and paste it in the Console, then press ENTER ;
  4. A window will be opened, fill the variables and click the START button.

How do I mass delete Discord DM messages?

How do you mass delete Discord messages?
  1. Open the preferred chatbox.
  2. Select recent comment and activate the editor.
  3. Choose multiple messages and delete.

Why can’t I delete message in Discord?

As an admin, or if given some permission, this feature allows the message to be “locked” or whatever. “locked” messages may not ever be deleted, ever. You would still be able to edit them but nobody – not even the server owner himself – could delete that message.

Does closing a Discord DM delete messages?

Please note that closing a direct message doesn’t delete the chat’s contents. It only removes the conversation from your Direct Messages list on Discord. If you want to check a DM that you previously closed, you can use the search bar to open the chat. You can also go to the user’s profile and start a conversation.

How do I delete all messages in Discord 2022?

You just need to come here just make a click on it and you just need to run the script now come back to the dm of the server where you want to delete the messages. And then press the t. Key.

Does deleting Discord account delete messages?

When you delete your account, ALL your sent messages in ALL servers should be deleted. – Discord.

How do you delete DMS on Discord Phone 2021?

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  1. Open the Discord app.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines.
  3. Tap the blue icon with a chat bubble in the upper-left corner.
  4. Tap on a conversation under Direct Messages.
  5. Tap and hold on a chat message.
  6. Tap Delete. Is this article up to date? Yes No.

How long do Discord messages last?

The Discord staff are proud to have a data structure that allows a server’s chat history to remain indefinitely (and I’m thankful for it, a big reason I switched from Skype), but for some reason, they think anyone that leaves or is removed from a server wants their access to it deleted.

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